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Updated Skin Care Routine [ACNE]
Thursday, June 19, 2014 | 4:57 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

refine: make minor changes so as to improve or clarify (a 

               theory or method).

Song of the day/month: Jun.K's No Love. (currently 

listening to it too. Obsessed!)

I've finally graduated from college and am now on "break" 

till university starts in August. A 

Levels is finally over (And boy, am I glad I survived it.)

One of the biggest problems that came along when I started 

college was: 


*Prior to this, my skin had been fine, absolutely 

spotless if not for the rare zit I'd get on my chin. In 

other words, I had perfect skin. Not porcelain white 

but still, flawless in my book. 

I started college and acne became the scourge of my 

existence. Oy, I fought a hard battle with them zits. For all 

those struggling/who struggled with acne, you may be able 

to relate to this: I spent quite a lot of money on products that 

claim to help heal, vanish, zap zits. The whole enchilada. 

The moment I popped one zit, another had to pop up the 

next day. Or even the night itself. The frustration was real. 

So was the agony. To make things worse, my concealers were 

ineffective. I had been trying to dry out the evil things and 

would always slab on a ton of Benzoyl Peroxide. That made 

the skin on the zit as dry as a desert and when I applied 

concealer, it only emphasized the DRY ZIT (that was still a 


I think I had cystic acne since many of the zits I had were sore and painful. Ouch. My cheeks, chin and forehead were all affected. 

Here are some of the products that I've tried.

1. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Toner

Now while this seemed to work wonders for my sister, ( her 

skin cleared up big time, scars 

gone. You'd think she never had a problem with acne.) this 

barely did anything for me. I still broke out and my scars, 

I didn't notice much of a difference. still used it up though 

but I won't be repurchasing.

2. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night 


Purchased this in hopes of fading my acne scars. After two 


EITHER. Or at least, not enough for me to notice any 


3. Hiruscar Post-Acne gel

Also thought this would help with my scars. I only used one 

tube and apparently you'll only see results if used regularly 

for a long time. Since this is on the pricey side, for such a 

small tube, I decided to put it on hold and try something 


I did finish one tube but like the others, it didn't give me 

drastic results. I might try another tube, I might not. My dad 

bought the wrong Hiruscar gel when I asked him to get 

another tube of this post-acne version so I need to finish 

using that up first since it's a bigger tube.

4. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating 


Since there's salicylic acid in this, I'd think it'd help a bit with 

acne. I used this daily and it did help eliminate the bumps 

and zits on my forehead and I've been pretty clear on my 

forehead so far. 

5. Laneige White Plus Renew Essence

Yes, as also purchased because it's for whitening. Also..did 

not give super drastic results. May do a more detailed review 

later. Won't be repurchasing unless I have a super good deal. 


5. LUSH Aqua Marina Cleanser

Bought this during my trip to Osaka. First Lush product that 

I've ever tried but so far, I AM SUPER SATISFIED WITH IT. 

It's controlled my oil production and I've realised that I 

haven't been producing much oil lately. Which makes it a 

good product in my book. 

6. Shiseido's Whitening Jelly Essence

Grabbed this while I was in Japan. Currently unavailable in 

Malaysia though I do hope it'll reach our shores soon. 

Nayoung/ Oiseau88 recommended this in one of her videos 

and I'm so glad I bought this. It has a jelly/gel like 

consistency but absorbs into the skin right away! It's as if I 

didn't apply anything! Used in conjunction with my Lush 

cleanser, this seems to have made my skin look more even. 

Overall I feel like my skin has gotten better. I feel like it's 

much easier to cover up my scars more easily now. I can 

even use my The Face Shop Aura CC Cushion alone without 

any concealers (but bear in mind, the Aura CC Cushion itself 

has pretty high coverage.) My scars no longer peep through 

my CC cream! Though it still shows when I use BB cream 

with a lower coverage. 

7. Asahi Suhada Shizuku Pack Gel

Also bought this while in Japan after hearing Melodee rave 

about it on YouTube. It''s a brilliant product that can serve as 

toner, serum, moisturizer, and a mask/pack! Absolutely 

perfect for lazy days (which is..almost everyday, I'll admit.) 

I'll just wash my face with the lush cleanser and slab this on! 

Loved this so much, I rushed to buy another bigger tub to 

stock up while I was still in Japan. At the rate at which I'm 

using it now, I'm actually becoming a tad paranoid about 

running out of this product. I normally keep this in the

fridge so when I use it, it'll be nice and cold. Once rubbed 

into the skin, it forms water droplets and absorbs super fast! 


Photo credits to fujisankei. 
Unfortunately I threw away the packaging to make room for more items in my luggage while I was in Japan.

8. Arouge Trouble Repair Liquid

Stumbled upon this while in a Japanese drugstore in Osaka. 

There were before-after photos of those who used it and it 

seemed promising. So I got a twin pack for my sister and I to 

try. This is literally like water. Absorbs almost immediately 

into the skin. I use it with the shiseido jelly, lush cleanser 

and pack gel. I'll continue to use this and see how it goes

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Ibuybeauti : 10 Beauty Bloggers Wanted!
Thursday, February 6, 2014 | 4:20 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Ibuybeauti, an online store selling Korean beauty products, is currently looking for 10 beauty bloggers to review products from their store! Marxie, from www.aegyoprincess.blogspot.com , is a blogger sponsored by Ibuybeauti and has reviewed a couple of the products sold on their store. 

You can check out her reviews @ www.aegyoprincess.blogspot.com 

Introduction to Ibuybeauti store: Ibuybeauti is an online store that is selling Korean beauty products. Som of the brands available on the store are A'Pieu, CNP, Dr Jart, BANILA CO., Espoir, Etude House, Innisfree, HERA, Laneige, Mamonde, MISSHA, Nature Republic, Skin Food, The Face Shop, TONY MOLY, Holika Holika, Lioele, tn, Mule, DANAHAN, Pure Heals, So Natural, Sea Tree, SCINIC, Dr G, Mizon, Aritaum, Cloud 9, Clio, BRTC, Skin 79, Cathy Cat, Isa Knox, O Hui, Hanskin, Primera, IOPE. 

For those living outside Korea, it's a great chance to try out the not so mainstream (at least internationally) brands! 

You can check out their store here: www.ibuybeauti.com

Ibuybeauti is launching a new blog called Beautifan where the bloggers would be posting reviews of the products. Ibuybeauti already has a YouTube channel where they upload English subbed episodes of shows like Get It Beauty & Son Dam Bi's Beautiful Days. They have uploaded up to a hundred videos already! You can find the products mentioned in the videos at the Ibuybeauti and the link to the products are in the description box below each video. 

You can subscribe and watch the videos (and get the products featured on the shows) @ http://www.youtube.com/user/ibuybeauti

Quoted from Marxie's blogpost on this event: 
Chosen reviewers will get to choose what products they want to try and they must write their honest opinions on the products. 
The product review should be posted in their review blog, Beautifan. Beautifan will be divided in certain categories to make navigation easier. I can't link you to Beautifan right now because it's still under construction.

 Here's the link to Marxie's original post on this event: http://aegyoprincess.blogspot.com/2014/02/ibuybeauti-is-looking-for-10-beauty.html


To enter: 

* Drop an email to beautifanblog@gmail.com with these details:

1. Name
2. Age
3. Country
4. Email
5. Blog Address
6. Skin Type
7. Best Beauty Review Link
8. Brief Self- Introduction

**You can apply anytime from February 3, 2014 to February 18, 2014
Winners will be announced on 20th February 2014.

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January Favorites! (non-beauty)
Tuesday, February 4, 2014 | 1:50 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

cliché: a phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a     
                lack of original thought

So January has gone by in a flash. Time flies. 

Anyway here are my first-month-of-the-year favourites! 

GIRL de Provence Perfume endorsed by Girls Generation.
So glad I managed to find this!
For anyone who's in Thailand/Southeast Asia and is trying to find this perfume, you can find it at Beauty Buffet stores in Bangkok. Each costs 190 Baht and comes with a considerably huge poster. 
I bought the one in #1 which is Lily Magnolia. 

There are three perfumes you can choose from: 
#1 Lily Magnolia, #4 Wisteria, #7 Delphinium.

#1 Lily Magnolia comes with the Jessica poster.
(The other two comes with a Yuri and Yoona poster. I can't remember exactly which comes with which poster though.)

#1 Lily Magnolia
Top notes: Yuzu, Grenade, Bergamot
Middle notes: Peony, Magnolia, Lotus
Base: Cedar wood, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

Overall I find this more of a light scent as compared to the Body Shop perfumes (which I consider on the "heavier" side since they always give me a headache.)
I'm not a fan of sweet cupcake, chocolate, and vanilla scents and this Girl perfume is the exact opposite. (WHY WOULD I WANT TO SMELL LIKE THE FOOD I EAT?!)

I know this doesn't exactly give you an idea of how the perfume smells like. My definition of describing perfumes is in terms of whether it smells good or bad. That's it. So..sorry! 
Anyway, this is the one that smelled the best to me out of the three that they had. So if you're near a Beauty Buffet store or if you could get it at the department store near you, go check it out!

They're not too pricey, certainly cheaper than most brands like Issey Miyake and Chloe and they're long lasting. 

Japanese beef curry I had while in Dondonya (love this place!) , Hong Kong. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Starbucks at Langsuan, (near Central Childlom) Bangkok. Best Starbucks outlet I've been to. Love the Thai themed interior design of the place. Ambiance there was excellent. Only problem was that there's no free wifi. #firstworldproblems #nowifinolife #ihad3Gsoitwasokay 

WAKAME UDON from Ootoya, Bangkok. YES, OOTOYA IS LIKE MY HOME. Obsessed with Ootoya and obsessed with everything on their menu. Their wakame udon is the bees knees.

ICE BREAKERS SOURS (Berry flavour)
They start out pretty tart and as you slowly suck on them, they get pretty sour. Hooked on these! Bought the  watermelon x apple ones also and I'm also addicted to them already!

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Drama of the month (and most probably the year!) : That Winter, The Wind Blows
Thursday, April 4, 2013 | 6:18 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

That Winter, The Wind Blows started airing on 13th February 2013 and it just ended yesterday, 3rd April 2013, with episode 16 being the final episode.

It received high ratings throughout the broadcast period. By the third week since it's premiere, it was ranked #1 in that timeslot and remained at the top for a few weeks. The ratings steadily increased each week with every episode and is now even airing (or will be airing soon) internationally in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China and so on. In China especially, this drama is getting millions of views per episode.What with online live streaming and sites like Viki, a huge number of fans from countries where the show isn't airing yet are also able to watch and join in the craze. The drama is receiving such overwhelming response from the viewers that fans are also going out to buy the lipstick that Song Hye Kyo wears, even the toner that Jo In Sung uses in the drama, and Song Hye Kyo's earrings and outfits. There's even a DIY tutorial on how to make the bracelet that Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo's character) gave to Oh Soo (Jo In Sung's character). 


Every episode of the drama is so much like a real CF, everything looks perfect, from the colour schemes that they use, to the backdrop of the drama, to the lighting. Really makes me feel like buying EVERYTHING that was used in the drama. Song Hye Kyo is beyond beautiful..to the point where she makes me feel..so ugly. She looks absolutely gorgeous in every shot and angle, in everything that she wears (even night gowns!) She's been in this industry for a long time but still shows no sign of ageing. In fact, it's the direct opposite. She seems to be getting prettier and prettier with each passing year, and one just can't help but stare in adoration of her beauty. 

Jo In Sung's acting is superb and delivers emotions exceptionally well. He cries very naturally, and expresses frustration well too. There is no doubt about how well he acts. Oh Soo's (JIS) brotherhood relationship with Jin Sung (Kim Beom) is so touching (in my opinion) and watching them protect and help each other out, it's really just so touching. I admire Jin Sung's loyalty to Oh Soo, that no matter what happens he'll still have his back. The relationship between them, that's true friendship.

What I like most about the drama are witty lines, and the fact that it's fast paced. I didn't feel bored at all while watching the drama and I'm very satisfied with that. It is indeed a melo and the story line is indeed supposed to be sad, but with all the fast paced events happening throughout the drama, it doesn't leave me with a heavy heart after watching it. I like the fact that Writer Noh Hee Kyung added in funny lines between all the tension and sadness so as to make the overall tone of the drama much lighter. It is not a comedy but it is still entertaining and a heartwarming drama. I'm also glad that Writer Noh did follow up and was consistent with the small details of the drama. Many times, certain things from one episode of a drama wouldn't be mentioned again in the next episode but writer Noh has written in a way that it's been very consistent and detailed.

I couldn't help but feel for pretty much all of the characters in this drama. Everyone has their own sad lives and I just couldn't help but sympathize for even the "so-called/supposedly" villain, Moo Chul (Kim Tae Woo). The drama showed how all the characters react and make their decisions based on their past, and how their past has affected them. All of the characters had gone through a lot and are still struggling with pain. Yes, this drama deals a lot with the issue of pain and suffering. Yet,this is the only drama where I've cried for the bad guy. One can say there are many layers to the characters in this drama. Their not one sided, flat, and I'm very impressed with that. The character that may seem to be bad in one episode may be actually genuine and good in the next few episodes, and that makes it a more interesting experience when watching the drama, to see the many sides of the characters in the show. 

The drama has also raised awareness of blind and handicapped people. Song Hye Kyo herself has sponsored the printing and publishing of a Braille book. The drama does capture the hardships of a blind person (although SHK's character's at an advantage since she's an heiress so in real life it's 100x harder).

Really, this drama is not to be missed. I would say this would have to be THE BEST drama that I've ever watched and trust me, I've watched quite a handful. (Even beating Winter Sonata since it's not as draggy as WS). I must say I prefer TWTWB much much much more than writer Noh's last drama, The World We Live In, which was also starring Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin. As of now, I'm still trying to cope with the withdrawal symptoms since the drama has already ended. I do, however, ship Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung as the new OTP (One True Pair) but to my disappointment, it seems quite impossible with their busy overseas schedules. (But a fan can dream,right?)

[Review and swatches] 디어달링 울트라 샤인 립스 Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips in #14호 딸기 우유/ Strawberry Milk
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 | 5:59 AM | 2 Kawaii ?

 Swatch with flash

The above picture is my natural lip colour and as you can see, it's pretty pigmented. My lips tend to be kinda mauve-y coloured at times. 

With the lipstick on:

So let's get on with the review!

Price: I bought this at the Etude House in Pavilion and I think it was on sale for about RM10. So it was a steal for me. I'm not sure about the original price though.

Product: I have to say, Etude House didn't let me down again! The lipstick is really smooth and glides on nicely. It has a glossy effect to a certain extent and it doesn't feel dry at all. And if you're worrying about it settling in the crevices/wrinkles on the lips, it doesn't. Even after removing the lipstick off, it doesn't feel sticky nor waxy and it's light on the lips but still feels as if you're wearing lipstick of course. 
I'm very impressed with the texture, formula and how it glides on really easily. For the price I paid, it's 100% worth it. Even though I got it at a discount, I have no regrets on buying this and strongly suggest you check this product out. 
My lips are really pigmented and I'm quite tanned but this still looks pretty natural on me. It's more of a nude pink if you ask me. Very natural looking so that's what I like best about it. I'm not into really dramatic and bright colours  but this is natural enough for me. 
There's a similar lipstick by NYX that's also called Strawberry Milk but this lipstick and the NYX round lipstick are very very different from each other. The Etude House one is milder and is more of a rosier (?) nude pink. 

Scent: This smells like...STRAWBERRY MILK. And kinda tastes like..the smell..? You know how some lipsticks kinda get into your mouth by accident and they taste HORRIBLE?! You won't get that problem with this lipstick. It smells and tastes the same so no worries. I love the smell. It's really sweet and yeah, kinda smells like..strawberry milk. So I'm really loving that feature. 

Packaging: Ooh, my favourite section of the review. Kay it comes in a pretty long cylinder tube and has really pretty engravings on the tube. The tube is kinda..peachy pink coloured..? I've no idea how to describe the colour but rest assured, it's really sweet and pretty. (I gotta stop saying pretty! My vocabulary gah!) 

The tube cap also clicks in quite tightly and securely. Has that "click" sound to let you know it's safely closed. (awkward expression!)

One thing that captured my attention is how the product goes back into the tube when you twist it down. I recently bought a Revlon lip butter and I was horrified when I saw the product collecting at the edges of the tube when I twisted it down! This lipstick however, has nothing of the sort. It scrolls down nicely so no product wastage. 

Cons : Overall, I have no complaints about this product. However, I do think this would suit fairer skin types. I'm tanned with yellow undertones and pigmented lips. I'm okay with how it looks on my skin but for darker skinned people, like other nude lipsticks, you may want to be more careful as it may make you look paler/sick. 

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Follow me on Instagram!
| 5:00 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

I'm on Instagram! Instagram is my most updated SNS right now and all my haul (etc) pictures will be uploaded on Instagram first (since it's more convenient for me and has the latest updates on what I've been buying and using!)

username: theracheltan
follow me to stay updated! (: 
*warning: i upload a whole lot of pictures.*
And in case you're wondering, my most recent photos (and future photos) are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S3. Since the phone camera's pretty clear, whatever pictures of products I take are pretty true to colour unless stated. 

[Review] Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradiation Nails Kit in #2 Kiss Of Fire
Monday, October 1, 2012 | 2:02 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Do pardon the pictures. I've not added any filters to them so you would be able to see the true colour of the nail polishes. They're pretty true to colour in the photos. 

 For those who are wondering, I'm currently wearing Etude House's Petit Darling Nails in PP903 Lilac Milk.

I prefer using Prorance's silver glitter nail polish for the last coat because I'm still struggling with the larger pink flecked nail polish that comes with the kit. In the nail above, I used the silver glitter nail polish that has finer silver glitters, not the chunky ones.

Close up view using all the polishes that comes with the kit, including the one with pink frankens.

The colours are : (from left to right, from base colour to top colour) 은은한 핑크, 러블리 핑크, 키스키스 핑크. The English names however, I'm not sure. Euneunhan (?) Pink, Lovely pink and Kiss Kiss Pink.


I'm a huge fan of Etude House polishes if you've not noticed. This cost me around MYR30-36 if I'm not mistaken. (which is KINDA on the pricey side because although it comes with three polishes, they're not in like, the standard sized bottles so maybe less product..?) They have a range of colours from orange, to blue-turquoise, but I ended up grabbing the pinks. 

When it comes to nail polish formula, Etude House won't let you down. Or at least, it hasn't let me down. The brushes are the standard brushes and they're not too wide. I have long, thin nails so it's harder for me to use wide brushes as the nail polish tends to cover not only my nails, but the skin surrounding my nails. It's a total mess. I bought this a while back but the nail polish consistency is just as good as when I first bought it. It's seriously not sticky at all and flows really easily on the nail. That is, what I love most about Etude House nail polishes. They hardly thicken up and even if they do, it's like months and MONTHS later. So I can keep the polishes longer compared to other brands and don't have to throw them out so soon.

The base colour is a sheer peachy pink with fine glitters in it. I love this colour the most out of the three although it needs at least two coats to really show up on my nail as it's very sheer. Still, I'm loving this almost-nude colour. The second coat is more of like a frosty kinda metallic(?) pink with considerably more glitter than the base coat. And the last of course, is the clear polish with pink frankens/glitter chunks. I have to say I really like the colour of the pink glitters.

The box also comes with instructions on the back so no worries about not knowing how to use the kit. As it comes with three polishes in one, you don't really have to use all the polishes JUST for gradient nails and you can always mix and match it with other colours so be creative! 


My biggest problem is the removal of the nail polish after all the layering. I mentioned above that I use Prorance silver glitters as the top and last coat as I have a HUGE problem removing the chunks of pink glitter later on if I use the Etude House polish. It's really a pain to scrape out all the pink glitters that still remain on the nail even after wiping it a thousand and one times with nail polish removal. Then again, I face the same problem with other chunky glitter nail polishes so it's not just this Etude House set. 

I still struggle with the last coat whenever I use the last polish that comes with the set. (Kiss Kiss Pink) I still haven't mastered how to "nicely" paint the chunks of glitter because whenever I use that polish, it all ends up looking really patchy and it ticks me off. So the biggest downside to me, is the Kiss Kiss Pink. 

By the way, if you want a close up on all my nails with the Juicy Cocktail set, I've uploaded it on Instagram. Here's the link:

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