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Drama of the month (and most probably the year!) : That Winter, The Wind Blows
Thursday, April 4, 2013 | 6:18 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

That Winter, The Wind Blows started airing on 13th February 2013 and it just ended yesterday, 3rd April 2013, with episode 16 being the final episode.

It received high ratings throughout the broadcast period. By the third week since it's premiere, it was ranked #1 in that timeslot and remained at the top for a few weeks. The ratings steadily increased each week with every episode and is now even airing (or will be airing soon) internationally in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China and so on. In China especially, this drama is getting millions of views per episode.What with online live streaming and sites like Viki, a huge number of fans from countries where the show isn't airing yet are also able to watch and join in the craze. The drama is receiving such overwhelming response from the viewers that fans are also going out to buy the lipstick that Song Hye Kyo wears, even the toner that Jo In Sung uses in the drama, and Song Hye Kyo's earrings and outfits. There's even a DIY tutorial on how to make the bracelet that Oh Young (Song Hye Kyo's character) gave to Oh Soo (Jo In Sung's character). 


Every episode of the drama is so much like a real CF, everything looks perfect, from the colour schemes that they use, to the backdrop of the drama, to the lighting. Really makes me feel like buying EVERYTHING that was used in the drama. Song Hye Kyo is beyond beautiful..to the point where she makes me feel..so ugly. She looks absolutely gorgeous in every shot and angle, in everything that she wears (even night gowns!) She's been in this industry for a long time but still shows no sign of ageing. In fact, it's the direct opposite. She seems to be getting prettier and prettier with each passing year, and one just can't help but stare in adoration of her beauty. 

Jo In Sung's acting is superb and delivers emotions exceptionally well. He cries very naturally, and expresses frustration well too. There is no doubt about how well he acts. Oh Soo's (JIS) brotherhood relationship with Jin Sung (Kim Beom) is so touching (in my opinion) and watching them protect and help each other out, it's really just so touching. I admire Jin Sung's loyalty to Oh Soo, that no matter what happens he'll still have his back. The relationship between them, that's true friendship.

What I like most about the drama are witty lines, and the fact that it's fast paced. I didn't feel bored at all while watching the drama and I'm very satisfied with that. It is indeed a melo and the story line is indeed supposed to be sad, but with all the fast paced events happening throughout the drama, it doesn't leave me with a heavy heart after watching it. I like the fact that Writer Noh Hee Kyung added in funny lines between all the tension and sadness so as to make the overall tone of the drama much lighter. It is not a comedy but it is still entertaining and a heartwarming drama. I'm also glad that Writer Noh did follow up and was consistent with the small details of the drama. Many times, certain things from one episode of a drama wouldn't be mentioned again in the next episode but writer Noh has written in a way that it's been very consistent and detailed.

I couldn't help but feel for pretty much all of the characters in this drama. Everyone has their own sad lives and I just couldn't help but sympathize for even the "so-called/supposedly" villain, Moo Chul (Kim Tae Woo). The drama showed how all the characters react and make their decisions based on their past, and how their past has affected them. All of the characters had gone through a lot and are still struggling with pain. Yes, this drama deals a lot with the issue of pain and suffering. Yet,this is the only drama where I've cried for the bad guy. One can say there are many layers to the characters in this drama. Their not one sided, flat, and I'm very impressed with that. The character that may seem to be bad in one episode may be actually genuine and good in the next few episodes, and that makes it a more interesting experience when watching the drama, to see the many sides of the characters in the show. 

The drama has also raised awareness of blind and handicapped people. Song Hye Kyo herself has sponsored the printing and publishing of a Braille book. The drama does capture the hardships of a blind person (although SHK's character's at an advantage since she's an heiress so in real life it's 100x harder).

Really, this drama is not to be missed. I would say this would have to be THE BEST drama that I've ever watched and trust me, I've watched quite a handful. (Even beating Winter Sonata since it's not as draggy as WS). I must say I prefer TWTWB much much much more than writer Noh's last drama, The World We Live In, which was also starring Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin. As of now, I'm still trying to cope with the withdrawal symptoms since the drama has already ended. I do, however, ship Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung as the new OTP (One True Pair) but to my disappointment, it seems quite impossible with their busy overseas schedules. (But a fan can dream,right?)

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