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[Review and swatches] 디어달링 울트라 샤인 립스 Dear Darling Ultra Shine Lips in #14호 딸기 우유/ Strawberry Milk
Tuesday, October 30, 2012 | 5:59 AM | 2 Kawaii ?

 Swatch with flash

The above picture is my natural lip colour and as you can see, it's pretty pigmented. My lips tend to be kinda mauve-y coloured at times. 

With the lipstick on:

So let's get on with the review!

Price: I bought this at the Etude House in Pavilion and I think it was on sale for about RM10. So it was a steal for me. I'm not sure about the original price though.

Product: I have to say, Etude House didn't let me down again! The lipstick is really smooth and glides on nicely. It has a glossy effect to a certain extent and it doesn't feel dry at all. And if you're worrying about it settling in the crevices/wrinkles on the lips, it doesn't. Even after removing the lipstick off, it doesn't feel sticky nor waxy and it's light on the lips but still feels as if you're wearing lipstick of course. 
I'm very impressed with the texture, formula and how it glides on really easily. For the price I paid, it's 100% worth it. Even though I got it at a discount, I have no regrets on buying this and strongly suggest you check this product out. 
My lips are really pigmented and I'm quite tanned but this still looks pretty natural on me. It's more of a nude pink if you ask me. Very natural looking so that's what I like best about it. I'm not into really dramatic and bright colours  but this is natural enough for me. 
There's a similar lipstick by NYX that's also called Strawberry Milk but this lipstick and the NYX round lipstick are very very different from each other. The Etude House one is milder and is more of a rosier (?) nude pink. 

Scent: This smells like...STRAWBERRY MILK. And kinda tastes like..the smell..? You know how some lipsticks kinda get into your mouth by accident and they taste HORRIBLE?! You won't get that problem with this lipstick. It smells and tastes the same so no worries. I love the smell. It's really sweet and yeah, kinda smells like..strawberry milk. So I'm really loving that feature. 

Packaging: Ooh, my favourite section of the review. Kay it comes in a pretty long cylinder tube and has really pretty engravings on the tube. The tube is kinda..peachy pink coloured..? I've no idea how to describe the colour but rest assured, it's really sweet and pretty. (I gotta stop saying pretty! My vocabulary gah!) 

The tube cap also clicks in quite tightly and securely. Has that "click" sound to let you know it's safely closed. (awkward expression!)

One thing that captured my attention is how the product goes back into the tube when you twist it down. I recently bought a Revlon lip butter and I was horrified when I saw the product collecting at the edges of the tube when I twisted it down! This lipstick however, has nothing of the sort. It scrolls down nicely so no product wastage. 

Cons : Overall, I have no complaints about this product. However, I do think this would suit fairer skin types. I'm tanned with yellow undertones and pigmented lips. I'm okay with how it looks on my skin but for darker skinned people, like other nude lipsticks, you may want to be more careful as it may make you look paler/sick. 

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