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Updated Skin Care Routine [ACNE]
Thursday, June 19, 2014 | 4:57 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

refine: make minor changes so as to improve or clarify (a 

               theory or method).

Song of the day/month: Jun.K's No Love. (currently 

listening to it too. Obsessed!)

I've finally graduated from college and am now on "break" 

till university starts in August. A 

Levels is finally over (And boy, am I glad I survived it.)

One of the biggest problems that came along when I started 

college was: 


*Prior to this, my skin had been fine, absolutely 

spotless if not for the rare zit I'd get on my chin. In 

other words, I had perfect skin. Not porcelain white 

but still, flawless in my book. 

I started college and acne became the scourge of my 

existence. Oy, I fought a hard battle with them zits. For all 

those struggling/who struggled with acne, you may be able 

to relate to this: I spent quite a lot of money on products that 

claim to help heal, vanish, zap zits. The whole enchilada. 

The moment I popped one zit, another had to pop up the 

next day. Or even the night itself. The frustration was real. 

So was the agony. To make things worse, my concealers were 

ineffective. I had been trying to dry out the evil things and 

would always slab on a ton of Benzoyl Peroxide. That made 

the skin on the zit as dry as a desert and when I applied 

concealer, it only emphasized the DRY ZIT (that was still a 


I think I had cystic acne since many of the zits I had were sore and painful. Ouch. My cheeks, chin and forehead were all affected. 

Here are some of the products that I've tried.

1. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Toner

Now while this seemed to work wonders for my sister, ( her 

skin cleared up big time, scars 

gone. You'd think she never had a problem with acne.) this 

barely did anything for me. I still broke out and my scars, 

I didn't notice much of a difference. still used it up though 

but I won't be repurchasing.

2. The Body Shop's Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night 


Purchased this in hopes of fading my acne scars. After two 


EITHER. Or at least, not enough for me to notice any 


3. Hiruscar Post-Acne gel

Also thought this would help with my scars. I only used one 

tube and apparently you'll only see results if used regularly 

for a long time. Since this is on the pricey side, for such a 

small tube, I decided to put it on hold and try something 


I did finish one tube but like the others, it didn't give me 

drastic results. I might try another tube, I might not. My dad 

bought the wrong Hiruscar gel when I asked him to get 

another tube of this post-acne version so I need to finish 

using that up first since it's a bigger tube.

4. Neutrogena Deep Clean Blackhead Eliminating 


Since there's salicylic acid in this, I'd think it'd help a bit with 

acne. I used this daily and it did help eliminate the bumps 

and zits on my forehead and I've been pretty clear on my 

forehead so far. 

5. Laneige White Plus Renew Essence

Yes, as also purchased because it's for whitening. Also..did 

not give super drastic results. May do a more detailed review 

later. Won't be repurchasing unless I have a super good deal. 


5. LUSH Aqua Marina Cleanser

Bought this during my trip to Osaka. First Lush product that 

I've ever tried but so far, I AM SUPER SATISFIED WITH IT. 

It's controlled my oil production and I've realised that I 

haven't been producing much oil lately. Which makes it a 

good product in my book. 

6. Shiseido's Whitening Jelly Essence

Grabbed this while I was in Japan. Currently unavailable in 

Malaysia though I do hope it'll reach our shores soon. 

Nayoung/ Oiseau88 recommended this in one of her videos 

and I'm so glad I bought this. It has a jelly/gel like 

consistency but absorbs into the skin right away! It's as if I 

didn't apply anything! Used in conjunction with my Lush 

cleanser, this seems to have made my skin look more even. 

Overall I feel like my skin has gotten better. I feel like it's 

much easier to cover up my scars more easily now. I can 

even use my The Face Shop Aura CC Cushion alone without 

any concealers (but bear in mind, the Aura CC Cushion itself 

has pretty high coverage.) My scars no longer peep through 

my CC cream! Though it still shows when I use BB cream 

with a lower coverage. 

7. Asahi Suhada Shizuku Pack Gel

Also bought this while in Japan after hearing Melodee rave 

about it on YouTube. It''s a brilliant product that can serve as 

toner, serum, moisturizer, and a mask/pack! Absolutely 

perfect for lazy days (which is..almost everyday, I'll admit.) 

I'll just wash my face with the lush cleanser and slab this on! 

Loved this so much, I rushed to buy another bigger tub to 

stock up while I was still in Japan. At the rate at which I'm 

using it now, I'm actually becoming a tad paranoid about 

running out of this product. I normally keep this in the

fridge so when I use it, it'll be nice and cold. Once rubbed 

into the skin, it forms water droplets and absorbs super fast! 


Photo credits to fujisankei. 
Unfortunately I threw away the packaging to make room for more items in my luggage while I was in Japan.

8. Arouge Trouble Repair Liquid

Stumbled upon this while in a Japanese drugstore in Osaka. 

There were before-after photos of those who used it and it 

seemed promising. So I got a twin pack for my sister and I to 

try. This is literally like water. Absorbs almost immediately 

into the skin. I use it with the shiseido jelly, lush cleanser 

and pack gel. I'll continue to use this and see how it goes

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