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[Review] Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradiation Nails Kit in #2 Kiss Of Fire
Monday, October 1, 2012 | 2:02 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Do pardon the pictures. I've not added any filters to them so you would be able to see the true colour of the nail polishes. They're pretty true to colour in the photos. 

 For those who are wondering, I'm currently wearing Etude House's Petit Darling Nails in PP903 Lilac Milk.

I prefer using Prorance's silver glitter nail polish for the last coat because I'm still struggling with the larger pink flecked nail polish that comes with the kit. In the nail above, I used the silver glitter nail polish that has finer silver glitters, not the chunky ones.

Close up view using all the polishes that comes with the kit, including the one with pink frankens.

The colours are : (from left to right, from base colour to top colour) 은은한 핑크, 러블리 핑크, 키스키스 핑크. The English names however, I'm not sure. Euneunhan (?) Pink, Lovely pink and Kiss Kiss Pink.


I'm a huge fan of Etude House polishes if you've not noticed. This cost me around MYR30-36 if I'm not mistaken. (which is KINDA on the pricey side because although it comes with three polishes, they're not in like, the standard sized bottles so maybe less product..?) They have a range of colours from orange, to blue-turquoise, but I ended up grabbing the pinks. 

When it comes to nail polish formula, Etude House won't let you down. Or at least, it hasn't let me down. The brushes are the standard brushes and they're not too wide. I have long, thin nails so it's harder for me to use wide brushes as the nail polish tends to cover not only my nails, but the skin surrounding my nails. It's a total mess. I bought this a while back but the nail polish consistency is just as good as when I first bought it. It's seriously not sticky at all and flows really easily on the nail. That is, what I love most about Etude House nail polishes. They hardly thicken up and even if they do, it's like months and MONTHS later. So I can keep the polishes longer compared to other brands and don't have to throw them out so soon.

The base colour is a sheer peachy pink with fine glitters in it. I love this colour the most out of the three although it needs at least two coats to really show up on my nail as it's very sheer. Still, I'm loving this almost-nude colour. The second coat is more of like a frosty kinda metallic(?) pink with considerably more glitter than the base coat. And the last of course, is the clear polish with pink frankens/glitter chunks. I have to say I really like the colour of the pink glitters.

The box also comes with instructions on the back so no worries about not knowing how to use the kit. As it comes with three polishes in one, you don't really have to use all the polishes JUST for gradient nails and you can always mix and match it with other colours so be creative! 


My biggest problem is the removal of the nail polish after all the layering. I mentioned above that I use Prorance silver glitters as the top and last coat as I have a HUGE problem removing the chunks of pink glitter later on if I use the Etude House polish. It's really a pain to scrape out all the pink glitters that still remain on the nail even after wiping it a thousand and one times with nail polish removal. Then again, I face the same problem with other chunky glitter nail polishes so it's not just this Etude House set. 

I still struggle with the last coat whenever I use the last polish that comes with the set. (Kiss Kiss Pink) I still haven't mastered how to "nicely" paint the chunks of glitter because whenever I use that polish, it all ends up looking really patchy and it ticks me off. So the biggest downside to me, is the Kiss Kiss Pink. 

By the way, if you want a close up on all my nails with the Juicy Cocktail set, I've uploaded it on Instagram. Here's the link:

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