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Product of the month! [May/June] The Face Shop Mini Pet Fruits Hand Cream
Thursday, June 7, 2012 | 9:06 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

*So sorry for the pictures (that are annoyingly blur. Tried my best to take these photos as clear as possible.) My camera's battery died ( It was pretty dead for a long time.) and I haven't been able to find my battery charger :( *

Anyway...on to the review!

If I could put it in one sentence : THIS IS THE BEST HAND CREAM. ( That I've tried so far.)

I've tried the Crabtree and Evelyn's one and I don't really like the tubing for that cream since I figured it may be hard to squeeze the hand cream out once the tube's almost empty. I have the Soap and Glory's Marshmallow Hand Cream (forgot the full name for it but I wrote a review on it earlier.) and I didn't like the long lasting smell of it. 

Price: I think I bought it for about RM 20 if I'm not mistaken. Bought it at Isetan, KLCC. I think it was on some kind of special offer. The price was about RM19-20 I THINK. The normal price is RM20 something, bout RM 22.90..at the Face Shop stores. So I'm glad I bought this at a cheaper price though it wasn't from the original store itself. 


I'm honestly not a big fan of Face Shop. Okay, maybe I AM  a fan but I haven't really splurged or shopped much at the Face Shop. Probably because their products are more on the expensive side for me. And maybe because to me, I wouldn't spend so much on eyeshadow, or lipsticks or mascaras, and so on since I don't really wear makeup that often. 

Anyway, I think this is like the best hand cream I've ever had so far. 

1. Smell? 
This smells like (as the name states..) fruits. It's really fresh and fruity and light. I'm really not a big fan of floral scents and I'm more of a tropical/ fruity person so I'm really glad this hand cream smells like fruits! It smells citrus-y and yet subtly sweet. I normally don't like citrus scents because well, I don't really want to smell like sour lemons. But this hand cream has that SWEET citrus scent! Which, is just perfect for me. So 10/10 for the smell. Not all that long lasting either which is great because I hate it when scents linger on for too long and it just gives me a headache -_-

Overall, this has a very light scent.

2. Functionality/ Practicality?

Now I know many bloggers/ users out there don't like products that come in tubs because well it's much less hygienic since you have to dip your fingers into the tub. Since this is a hand cream and you're not applying it on your face, I think it should be fine. It doesn't come with a spatula, bear that in mind. I think this factor's not a big deal, just make sure your hands are clean before dipping em in the tub. 

The one thing I love MOST about this is that it's NOT AT ALL GREASY. I can apply this in school and write straightaway without my pens wriggling and sliding off my fingers. You don't have to worry about not being able to hold smooth metallic objects and all. It absorbs very well and dries very fast. About the moisturizing factor, well I guess it does it's job. :0)

Price : 3.5/5 (reasonable I'd say.)
Smell : 5/5
Use: 6.5/5

 (KLCC Isetan now has a Holika Holika, Face Shop, Seche Vite/ China Glaze (crappy colours though.), Canmake, and Tony Moly ( I think. Or was it Baviphat?) section. Small section though.) 

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