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Etude House's Pure Joy Restorative Cream (Part 1 of Etude House Haul end of 2011/ Jan-Feb 2012.)
Friday, March 2, 2012 | 1:57 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Product Info (as on packaging) : 
*Etude House* Pure Joy Restorative Cream

Chemical-free sensitive skin formulated lotion soothes and nourishes complexion. Void of Paraben, Benzophenone, Ethanol, Synthetic Perfumes, Synthetic Dyes, Mineral Oils and genetically modified ingredients. 

[Active Ingredients] : Quinoa, Phyto-Oligo
[Directions] : Massage cream onto facial surface.

My thoughts:
First up, I'm SO HAPPY that Etude House has finally released a line for sensitive skin. For me, having sensitive skin means not being able to try many products and that's a huge bummer for me since I love buying and shopping for lots of products (and also maybe paying for the packaging!).

There's always a part of me that is just plain reluctant to use some product with some doctor given medicine-ish looking (you get my drift..?) packaging and that has some scientific term-ish name. And even though I'm definitely not one of the girliest girls out there, I still LOVE pretty and adorable packagings. I guess that fact makes me more of a girl..? Meh. 

[Packaging] : The packaging for this product's decent. Simple and sweet. I like it. The practicality of the packaging and how the product's been designed..not so much. There are many people out there complain about having to dip their fingers into jars and I guess I've been influenced about that too. This little bottle doesn't come with a mini spoon to scoop (?) the cream so yeaah..more of the hygiene side. I'm using the mini spoon that came with my Baviphat Mango Steam scrub for this cream. 

[Functionally] ; I just bought this recently so I haven't been able to see a huge difference and I haven't been able to apply/ use this cream every night since I've been studying late and by the time I'm done with studying, BOOM! Sleep. I do notice that my skin hasn't reacted negatively to it so far so that's good. I've photosensitive skin and when it's dry or if I go under the sun, my cheeks may get kinda flaky and white-ish. So I do need a good moisturizer. 

Honestly I haven't been using moisturizers until I bought this and another Boots Sensitive Care Day moisturizer. I used some medicated/treatment cream called Efficort  that the doctor prescribed for me when I went to find out why my skin was all itchy. So it worked as a moisturizer and medication for me. But I've run out of that so I decided to try these two moisturizers first.

I would prefer if the moisturizer was a bit thinner..? This restorative cream is quite thick so just a little amount will do for your whole face. I do realise that after I apply it, my face get a little sticky. Are moisturizers supposed to feel that way? Idk, I've never really used them. Do comment below if you'd like to shed some light on the subject, lol. Since it gets sticky, I'll only apply this at night, before I sleep. 

[Smell] : It smells...citrus-y. I guess its from the uhm...citrus fruit oils and some eucalyptus..ajdsoiasjoi scientific name thingy. But yeah. Smells lemony but not like the typical artificial lemon kind. 

[Overall] : Overall, I'd say that for people with sensitive skin,  this makes the "safe to use products' list since it's very hard to find products that suit us and y'know doesn't irritate us. Since I haven't been using it everyday, I haven't really noticed other improvements besides the fact that it hasn't caused breakouts and redness. So I'm glad I've found something that suits me. For those with sensitive skin, maybe you could try this product out. This cream seems pretty mild to me so yeah (: 

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