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Blackhead Off Stick Details
Sunday, March 4, 2012 | 11:28 PM | 1 Kawaii ?

So I received a comment on my previous post asking me how the blackhead off stick works. 

Basically, ( or the way I use it..) you rub it straight on your nose...and it's like some lip balm but for the nose. LOL. So you rub it on areas where there are blackheads and you'll see white flakes (think of eraser dust. It's like that.) falling off, it's either that or your nose turns a little matte-white ish. Not completely WHITE but it has the matte look to it..? I'll snap a photo the next time I use it. (I kinda..misplaced it as I was moving and clearing some stuff, but it's around the house..somewhere.) 

And due to the fact that I can't read Japanese..I can't exactly tell in greatest detail how this thing works. The only thing I know for sure is that it does help with removing blackheads. But anyway, I've done a little research and here are the details: :)

(Apparently there are two..versions of this stick. There's a mild one and there's a stronger one. I just found out that I have the mild one, which is the light green one. The stick for the mild one is white in colour whereas the stronger one has a beige colour to it.)

  1. This stick is called : Sony CP Blackhead Off Stick. And yes, it's made by Sony..and/or B&C Tsururi Labs in Japan. The company produces like tons of beauty products so yeah. I didnt know about that ._. My bad.  
  2. Apparently over 2,000,000 pieces of this stick has been sold in Japan. It contains AHA to soften and effectively remove the hardened keratin; Clear Powder to gather and remove blackheads and unsmooth particles; Witch Hazal Extract and Phellodendoron Amurense Ruprecht (cork tree bark extracts) to tighten the pores and create a smooth skin for easier makeup application.   
Source: www.getprettywithjoelle.blogspot.com

*Directions for use: (I honestly just apply/use this when I'm free, no specific time or like not necessarily after I cleanse my face and what not...but..)
  1. After face wash, apply 'Tsururi Black Head Off Stick' on your nose, gently massage, then use sponge or tissues to wipe, finally don't forget to apply toner. (it is normal if you feel a little warming to your nose after your massage with 'Tsururi Black Head Off Stick'.
Source: http://www.lelong.com.my/b-c-tsururi-black-head-stick-52658712-2010-01-Std-P.htm

*Remember, don't rub it hard on your nose! Gently, uhm..rub. :P If you have sensitive skin, I'd suggest you try the mild one first. Although it doesn't exactly wipes off ALL the blackheads, it does remove so I'd say it's pretty effective. It's faster too! :) *

Check out another review of this product here:

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