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Black Head Off Stick (Review)
Friday, March 2, 2012 | 2:27 AM | 3 Kawaii ?

I can't say much about this product since pretty much most of the info on the product itself is in Japanese.

THIS PRODUCT IS PURE GENIUS. I bought this from Zen, Central World, Bangkok and it cost me about RM30. 
When I first opened the cap, I did doubt the effectiveness of this product. When I used it..MAN, this product is pretty awesome. No more pore packs needed!

I use pore packs quite often to remove my black heads but I realised that the pore packs these days are hardly even adhesive(?) what's the word, uhmm, they can hardly even stick! I'd be peeling the pore sticker off the plastic sheet and I'll accidentally touch the sticker and I'd be like WHATTHEHECK?! It's not even sticky. The pore stickers used to be sticky even without water. -_-  And now, pore packs these days don't barely removes any black heads and hardly helps with clogged pores. I'm beginning to reconsider buying pore packs. They're not that cheap in the first place. 

So anyway, I bought this stick, and man, it DOES remove blackheads. I was so surprised to see like, mini hairs on the stick. My sister says it's pretty disgusting but I FIND IT SO..ahem..interesting. I mean, we normally use like pore stickers and it hurts like..MAN IT HURTS..and it doesnt even remove that many blackheads. This stick, NO PAIN, and quite a few hairs are removed. I wouldn't say I'd completely depend on this to remove ALL my blackheads because it doesn't remove ALL..but it does remove blackheads so I happy with that. Blackheads ARE pretty much the hardest to remove anyway,right?

Honestly, I have no idea how to describe the stick. LOL. It's..like..smooth .and..white. It's like a lipbalm stick, so you turn the handle thing and it goes up and down and you rub it straight on your nose. Little like, flecks of white..stick stuff will rub off and you can see some of your tiny hairs on the stick. 

Don't ask me how it works. Friction..? Idk, I think this product is pure genius. Worth it? Yeah pretty much I guess. I hope I'm not exaggerating. I guess 60-70% of my enthusiasm for this product is because it's..COOL and it's fun tryna figure out, WHAT DID IT JUST DO? and 30-40% is about how it really works. :P

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