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People I respect the most
Sunday, February 12, 2012 | 11:19 PM | 1 Kawaii ?

I've been meaning to write a post on a topic like this and because I'm having another free period now, I guess I should really make it a point to publish this post and not procrastinate any longer.

People I respect the most.

I'd say I REALLY respect people who are willing to do jobs that most people don't want to do, like being the janitor and what not. I guess I tend to respect these people because I sympathize quite easily..I think..? I know how hard life is and I know, if given a choice, no one would want to do these dirty and lowly occupations. Like being the garbage man, I mean, who would want to hold that kind of job?

Many times, we don't realise how blessed we are. For those who are still minors, many of our parents are able to afford and provide for us and for those who are working out there, many are lucky enough to get stable jobs and have a better life. And when we forget how blessed we are, we begin to take things for granted. Have you ever stopped to observe a labourer? Have you ever stopped to think how he feels like, to work and toil and toil and yet, only be paid so little?

To me, without a doubt, these are the people who should get the most respect in society. Not rich, corrupt people who sit around earning more and more money without having to do anything. People I don't respect? People who don't work hard for their money. That's purely my opinion. Save yourself the trouble to cuss at me or what not (even though this doesnt happen as often as on Youtube ), I'm not discriminating against rich people. There's nothing wrong with being rich, don't get me wrong. But admit it. Humans, tend to forget their past and the less fortunate people around them when they've become  more successful.

I HATE, HATE, HATE people who look down on less fortunate people. I won't say that I've never done that but I'll say I'm working on it because otherwise, I'd be a hypocrite. Please, just because they earn less than you, doesn't mean they're overall worse than you. For all you know, they probably have a heart. Do you? Do we? Many of them work harder and they're certainly more humble than many of us. (Though there's always the minority with the issue of attitude and character.) They know the true meaning of life.They know how hard it is to earn a living, they know how challenging it is to go through life. I'm not saying the more fortunate ones don't but I'm saying that if we think life's hard, it's probably even harder for them.

  I've been thinking about what I've been buying lately. I rarely shop but a few days ago, I bought a few items that cost about RM50 which is about..$16..? I wanted to buy another moisturizer but it was about RM30 and I asked my mom whether I should buy it or not and she told me to think about it. Earlier, we had taken a cab to the airport and the taxi ride was about an hour..? And the total journey cost us about RM45. So my mom reminded me of the taxi driver. She said it took the taxi driver such a long drive and all, (not to mention physical work like carrying our luggages that weighed a ton) and he only earned RM45 for all that.

So it made me think. There are many people who work so,so hard to earn just 50 bucks and I can spend it just like that. I think I'll be more thrifty with my money from now on. I know my parents work hard to earn what they give me and even though I rarely spend much, I know there are other people who work EVEN HARDER to earn the little I get. I guess because of all the thinking I've been doing lately, I guess it even starts to hurt when I spend more than RM50 on products. Because I know there are people out there who desperately need it more than I do. And even though, financially, it can still be quite tight for me sometimes, I know there are other people out there who've got it worse than me. 

Many times, you don't have to own much to know the true meaning of life. Like how you can own countless prime lands around the world and yet it doesn't guarantee you happiness.


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