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Wednesday, February 8, 2012 | 6:20 AM | 1 Kawaii ?

Friendship. I've gone through a lot when it comes to friends and I'm sure, without a doubt, there are many people out there struggling with friendship. You guys may even be facing what I've gone through before. 

One of the biggest problems that I've faced and maybe would face in the future is being excluded by your group of friends. For people like me, the not-so-sociable ones, it's already bad enough when we struggle to mix with everyone especially with people who are different from us. It gets worse when my OWN group of friends reject me. That's..basically what I've been struggling with over the years. I'm not trying to make you feel even more depressed and rubbing the "FOREVER ALONE" thing into what's already been hurt but I'm just saying this is how I felt and how I used to feel. 

I've grown a lot over the years and after years and years of facing this problem, I've been able to learn how to cope with it and make the best out of it. Girls (and guys..if..you ever face drama..although the percentage is lower I reckon), I know how you feel. Today I had a talk with a friend about friendship and I think I should share what I've learnt so far and for all I know, it could make someone's day. 

I know how it feels to be, physically, with the group but just..not "in" the group. It could be a few of your friends getting closer and closer to each other and you just can't help but feel so rejected, so left out, like an outsider. It hurts even more because you're sitting with them but you're just not included.  Your best friends have now become closer to each other and you just..wonder to yourself, wait, aren't we supposed to be best friends of equal value to each other? Sounds familiar? Many times I'd wonder, " What did I do wrong? Was it me? Is there anything I should've done but didn't do?". Let me tell you. IT'S OUT OF YOUR HANDS. There's nothing you could've done for them to get closer to you. You didn't friend them any lesser than you should have and even if you worked harder for the friendship, this would still be bound to happen.

This has happened to me many, many times and it normally involved people I was really, really close to at that time. I've gone through this so many times that I've pretty much gotten used to it. 

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