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F is for friends. (part two)
Wednesday, February 8, 2012 | 6:22 AM | 2 Kawaii ?

* in continuation of my previous post. If you haven't read it yet, go read it first! HEHE*

Soo, what can be done? (I'll put it in point form so it'll be easier to read. Then again, gotta remind myself that I'm not writing just another essay for English!) 

1.Like I said, there's nothing you could've done to stop this from happening and there's nothing you can do to stop this. IT'S OUT OF YOUR HANDS. The most you can do is to review what you've done for the friendship and that's it. Do it from an objective point of view. Don't be prepared to blame yourself. Don't always think it's your fault. But if it is your fault..and you know you've not been a good friend lately, HELLO! IT'S TIME TO CHANGE. 

2. Don't give yourself a chance to feel rejected. When you feel or foresee that things like this would eventually happen, slowly detach yourself,yknow? Move on to other people! Recently or well, the most recent time I faced this..I made sure I didn't have the chance to feel rejected. I made an effort to mix with other people. Made the effort to step out of my comfort zone. Well what am I supposed to do if the people I'm supposed to feel comfortable with, are excluding me,right? Move on and mingle with other people! For me, I like mixing with guys more than girls. Less drama and there's just so much you can talk about with girls! I prefer having conversations about things I know less about than continuously talk about things I already know. It just drains me out,honestly.

3. Even if you can't find the right friends, don't stop yourself from mixing around. I'm an introvert and sometimes I feel more comfortable being silent but I still have to mix around with an open mind. It's hard! But you'll eventually find your kind of people. Even though you've been hurt by some people, doesn't mean everyone else will hurt you. 

4. Awkward lunches? Get up and walk away! Have lunch with a different group! Why torture yourself by sitting there and knowing that they're just going to exclude you! Like I said, don't give yourself the chance to feel awkward and rejected. Save your own life. Mix with other people. (Maybe it is time for you to mingle with the others.)

5. Pray to God. He's your best friend. He knows how you feel. Pray about it. He'll never forsake you and He'll always be there for you. I guarantee you that. He'll bring you through the hardest times, the darkest roads, the stormiest storms. He'll hold your hand and walk with you. All you have to do is ask. A prayer goes a long way, even if it's just a prayer. Even if it's just telling Him how you feel.

I've written quite alot I guess. I hope, through this, I can save a few people from getting unnecessarily hurt and affected by this. I've been through this and I'm sure I'll have to face it again sooner or later. This is the same for everyone else. It's out of your control but you can control the way you handle it. In reality, this won't be the last time I face this. There would be a thousand more times and so I think I shouldn't be so affected by it. Learn to handle this the right way, get over it, move on and you'll realise the next time you face this..it won't be so hard anymore! (; Hope I've made someone feel better. 


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