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√Čtude House Haul! ;) Part one (:
Monday, January 16, 2012 | 4:33 AM | 1 Kawaii ?

Hellos! Trying to blog from my iPod, hope it publishes nicely. :P

Étude house is currently having great sales now, not sure when the sales are going to end but drop by if youve time! :) I went to Pavillion's branch yesterday with a friend and I just couldn't resist. HAD TO BUY SOMETHING! ;D They had BB Creams, masks, eye patches, lip glosses on sale! If I'm not mistaken, the BB compact thing (couldnt remember the name! D; ) was about RM20 only! The tube BB Creams were also on offer. I bought the 3 pack Goodbye Dark Circles eye patch the last time for RM 12 too. This time I bought a pack of 5 masks for the same price (: More worth it, I guess, since it's a pack of 5.

I also grabbed a lovely Lucid Darling Rouge lipgloss! I don't think I can attach a photo here since I'm using my email to post this post but I'll attach the photo in the next post, a swatch post for the lippy! I must say I'm ABSOLUTELY in love with the colour. Though I'm not really a fan of the waxy-ness, guess you can say the after effects of the lippy. I really don't like feeling waxy and sticky when my lipgloss is wiped off! Then again, the shade just makes up for that disadvantage :P

Head down to Étude house now! (:

Cheers! ;D

Rach (:

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