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Random Nail Polish Swatches
Tuesday, December 6, 2011 | 5:53 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

 I know I'm a gazillion posts behind and I for one, prefer graphics than words. Heh. Anyway, here are some seriously random swatches (I hope I've never done before) of the nail polishes I own. 

 Was trying out some designs in which I could use the nail stickers that Born Pretty store sent me earlier. I used the Striping Nail Polish that Nail de Royale sent me to make the darker stripes, the white flower sticker  from Born Pretty store and Essence's Let Me In Pink from the 'You Rock!' collection.

What do you think? ._. 

Decided not to waste and painted each finger, as you can see, for this swatch.

I'm not using the polish that I'm holding, btw. I'll do that in another post with another Anne & Florio polish. (Prolly make it a duo swatch.) 

Revlon's #904 Opulent Pink. 

Hope the photos are clear enough! I painted it on my second finger and thumb and I sorta regretted it. Had a hard time fumbling and trying to arrange my fingers in such a way that both can be seen. -_- Of course, the thumb is way shorter than my pointer so...yes, forgive me if the photos are retarded. But overall, this colour is SO PRETTY! I bought it recently at Guardians for RM 19.90 if I'm not mistaken. 

Essence 's Let Me In Pink ( YOU ROCK COLLECTION)

This is also a pretty colour. The bottle cap's a lil hard to manage though. I prefer round capped bottles, but still, not a major issue. The colour is just amazing although it tends to be streaky when applied. That, I don't like. I wish it'd have Revlon nail polishes' consistency. I like my nails glossy, without any streaks so when using this polish especially, I'll put on another transparent top coat to smooth things out and make it glossier. 

Pastel Blue-ish from Etude House

I'm a sucker for pastel colours. Don't really look that great in it considering my dark skin tone but they're just so nice to look at! ABSOLUTELY LOVE PASTEL COLOURS. They're so sweet. This polish is pretty good actually though it's almost drying out. Getting a little sticky though and I've noticed that about Skin Food and Etude House polishes, they tend to get stickier sooner. ( If you know what I mean. I think it's worse because of the humid weather here >:( ... )

Bi Hun (?) Nail Polish

I didn't buy this polish, my piano teacher gave it to me instead. Not sure where she bought it but this is one gorgeous shade of red. It's like red but has that kind of pink-ish to it..? Anyway, i LOVE THIS TOO. Plus, I like the thin consistency. Makes it easier to apply. (: 

With the little Korean I know, (if I read it right)
it says BL505 I Say Blue! (third line)

Yeah! So that's it for today's swatch and mini review! (: Hope it helped (in any way! Hahah.)


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