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Porcupines and Hedgehogs.
Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | 5:01 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Porcupines and hedgehogs. Kimmie. You're like sunshine, Kimmaay. Hahhah. She's so cute! (; I'm gonna miss you heaps and tons. -Bob. (HEH She calls me Bob :DD ) 
Ignore my face. REDUNDANT. I bet you just looked at my face again to see what made me say that. AHA. But really, IGNORE IT. just realised school starts in 20 days. WHAT IS THIS, really. Killjoy man. I'm so NOT prepared for next year. O Levels, Graduation, etc. Gah. What I DO look forward to is the freedom I'll have AFTER my O levels. FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOM. 

Then again, will I miss school? ..........NAH. I don't think so. Maybe I'll miss Wesley. But not so much anymore, I reckon. Things have changed sososo much. And I don't even really remember much about Wesley now, come to think of it. It's been YEARS! Well, 2 years is enough to forget a lot considering I've been using a lot of space for memorising facts and what not. I CAN'T EVEN REMEMBER MY OWN CLASSMATES! 

Met another Wesleyan yesterday. He remembered meee but I didn't. SORRIE Jhun-Ho! I feel so bad. I even have him on Facebook but I can't even recognize him. Maybe its because I always knew him as his *full name*. 

I thought he was Jun-ho from 2PM. Hahah, the first thing that came to my mind was 2PM. Cos Jhun-ho, sounds like Junho. I just realised how anti-social I was. And I thought I had many friends in Wesley -_- I only started talking to people like Tim Wai and Jhun-ho this year, after I've left. #whatisthis. Bleh. NEVERMIND. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START MAKING NEW-OLD FRIENDS :DDD 

I terribly miss being in a mega-huge school. Okay so Wesley's not mega huge compared to like Chinese Kebangsaan schools ( chinese national schools) but it's big enough, for me. It's just about the right size really. Big enough for you to move on to mix with the next group if you don't fit in with the present one but small enough for you to get to know everyone considerably well. 

But for the two years that I was there, I've NEVER talked to certain people before. :O Sorreh. I would've if I could've but I didn't so I couldn't. Or is it the other way? Did that make sense? Meh.

 I'm also getting ignored by them nowadays. RAWR. Nevermind. Quality over quantity. Lost touch with many of them since just about everyone moved and migrated -_- and LUCKY for me, all my closest friends...ARE OVERSEAS. ihatemylife. heheh. 

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