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Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas
Thursday, December 8, 2011 | 2:03 AM | 2 Kawaii ?


I seriously struggle with post titles so what I'm going to do is..my titles from now on would be the name of the song I'm currently listening while I'm writing this post! :) Solves my problem..at least I hope. :) And, as you can see, that photo above is a really old photo of me. Heh, looks better than my present ones. I'm stuck with this Mount Everest of a pimple so there's no way I'm going to snap a shot of myself now.

If you're the only thing I get for Christmas, then 

everything I wished for has come true. You're the

single item on my list, you're my one and only

Christmas wish.  

With a title like that, I'm obliged to do a Christmas post, with the month being December and all. Plus, this song hit on replay is having a huge effect on my mood now. I've gone a little sentimental, and in my mind right now, I'm just whizzing past all the Christmas-es I've ever spent and how I felt back then. Call me weird but there's always a different feeling especially during the year-end season. And yes, I'm in a waaay better mood now that it's already the end of the year. 

I was talking to one of my friends yesterday and I was ALSO listening to this same song by Bieber and he asked me ( no, not Bieber. ) about my Christmas wish (-es) this for this year. Made me think. Hmms. I guess, first of all. To go to heaven. Say whatever you want I think I've been through enough and well, I know life's just full of landmines and lemons. I can't wait for it to end. What breaks us makes us stronger but one of my friends said this : " Do we even have enough bones to break?" Hahah. Anyway, that's the pretty much the best Christmas wish ever. That and having the power to return to a certain time and re-live it. But that's pretty much impossible so I guess I'll stick to going to heaven. Father, take me home. Quickly. 

Other than that, I'm also wishing for all my friends to come back home. They're all scattered! Hong Kong, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai..COME BACK HOME PEOPLE! (: I miss you guys heaps. It's frustrating to not be able to text you guys. My phone's been lonely and the only one who actually texts me is my phone service carrier. -_- And really, killjoy. At the end of the day, this wish is pretty bogus and impossible. Most of them are coming back during the Chinese New Year and really, that's not nice at all. CHRISTMAS BEATS EVERY OTHER FESTIVAL OR SEASON IN THE YEAR. 
I'm a bona fide Christmas fanatic/believer. I'm all out for it. I just HATE HATE HATE it when video shops here are already starting to play Chinese New Year music videos with horrible singing, fake actions and tacky makeup. Helloo..Christmas is even here yet! Geez people, missing the greatest event of the year?

I'm alsoo wishing for...geez..the more I think about this, the more I'm spouting out more wishes. As if they'd all come true. I wish I could go back in time. Change some things, live differently, improve my actions, take back some words, give a few more hugs, shed a few more tears (wait no, I've cried enough.). But unless I have some kind of Tinkerbell or Genie, this wouldn't happen so I guess I just gotta make sure I have less regret-worthy actions. Did that make sense? Yet again, it's hard to avoid things like these anyway. 

If I could bring back someone for Christmas, from the dead or anything, maybe I'd like to bring my old self back. People change over time. I'm just scared the better part of me died back then. Maybe my more cheerful careless happy go lucky me. If I could bring that part of me back. Kinda selfish but I don't care..it's for the greater good. AHAH. Sure. It'd be great. I probably also would want to bring back my cousin. Passed away a few years back. In an accident. Friend who was driving the car swerved and hit into a container truck ish thing? I couldn't go for her funeral either. One day, just like that. Gone. 

Christmas, really, makes me think. It's always at this time that I start my deep thinking. Too deep at times actually. But yeah, I take this time to really look back on this year, learn from the things I shouldn't have done and regret about the things I didn't do and maybe start on my new year's resolutions. Reflect and go through all the times I've spent with the people around me, remember the people I've met this year, bid farewell to some, but allow the memories I've collected so far to live on and on. 

I guess I'll just take this time to generally thank everyone for (although this year hasn't been extraordinarily great, it's still good) sticking with me, bearing with me, and well..just being my friend. And to my readers and followers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
*I know it's like only the..what 8th of Dec, I'm just gonna wish you now because well..I just feel like it :) If I could I would make everyday Christmas. teehees. * 

"My gift to you is all my heart.

Make my holiday, and hear me when I say

If you're the only thing I ever get for Christmas

Then everything I wished for has come true

You're the single item on my list,you're my one

and only christmas wish. "

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