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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 | 4:29 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Baby Butter made my day! (;

SOO.. I am now pissed. I shall, blast some music.
Not really gonna blast some upbeat one because I just can't think of one at the moment.
Now playing : Without You - AJ Rafael. Not, exactly the best song to be listening to when I'm pissed but oh well. Guess it kinda helped cool me down. A lil. AJ Rafael is freaking awesome, I tell yoouu! He has SUCH A GREAT VOICE. I love his "She Was Mine". LOVE LOVE. :)

YES, I know, I've been ranting and venting a lot here these days but OH WELLS.

A packaged arrived for me today! :) Well, technically it arrived on Monday, I think, but I wasn't around so it was brought back to the courier office. So went to pick it up today. I ordered one SNSD The Boys album, one F(x) file and sister wanted an IU poster so..yeah. e-bay. :) The seller even added in a few F(x) and Super Junior photo cards as a free gift! THANKYOUS! The seller's very reliable (; Check her out !

Here's her page: http://myworld.ebay.com.my/danielle_sk/

I ALSO ordered a couple of necklaces and it cost me about RM100 over AND when I got em, I realised they were so PUNY-TINY-TEENIE-WEENIE. Really takes the shop's name to a whole new level. Guess it's my fault for not asking the size of the necklace charms before buying and ordering and I HAVE LEARNT MY LESSON. Note to self, be extra extra careful when buying things online, ask a 101 questions so I won't have a heartattack later on and regret spending my money on something that looks better and bigger on screen.

It's the holidays but I'm freaking busy. WHAT IS THIS?! Leave me alone and gimme a breaaaaaaak :((((( I WANT A DO NOTHING DAY. OR A RELAX DAY. Without having to do anything..like chores, and homework, and study. Yuck.

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