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IU Last Fantasy
Thursday, December 8, 2011 | 5:10 AM | 4 Kawaii ?

Recently, Korean singer IU released her comeback album titled "Last Fantasy" and I think she's simply pretty and adorable! She's just so cute! As she grows older she's becoming prettier and prettier and..that's all I have to say. I envy her! IU's also very talented, a really good singer and I like her concept image. She's more towards the innocent cute side and I like that. Sometimes having too many groups dancing in mini-skirts and boots.....ugh. That's what I like about IU, always has that "fresh" feel. Okay that sounded weird but you get what I mean. And I LOVE LOVE her outfits too! Really vintage, especially the outfits for this latest album. She's got awesome vocals, able to reach those really really high notes. Do check her out! :)

Here's the music video for one of her latest songs:

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Cutely Made by : Ieka Salju | Cute BG : AtiQah
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