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Wednesday, November 16, 2011 | 5:02 AM | 4 Kawaii ?

Okay I tell you this looked better on my camera. Now that it's really on Blogger, I'm starting to doubt my eyes. I look, like a retard. 
Okay, geez. I've been totally wiped out these days. Gurhh. Just ended Math tuition. Sorry teacher, my mind isn't working well today! Plus, I've no more lessons in school, so my brain's gone a little rusty. I really dont know why I went to school today. On a Phineas and Ferb scale, I ACHIEVED 0/10. P & F would be VERY, VERY, VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH ME IF THEY ACTUALLY EXISTED AND WAS THERE WITH ME THIS MORNING. I'm TIRED and right now, I just can't be bothered to do anything else but type. 'Cause I like to hear the awesome speed-typing sound my fingers make when they hit the keyboard. Oh shucks, do I have any English homework?? :O I'm just too lazy to get up and check. SIIIGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH. 

Reading Xiaxue's, QiuQiu's and Cheesie's blog now. HMM. They are really influential bloggers man and so pretty too! :O I'm still struggling to get readers aah! Maybe it's because I talk so little here on Blogger. Geeeez. Anyway, check em out! 

Qiuqiu: www.bongqiuqiu.blogspot.com
Cheesie's Blog: www.cheeserland.com

On another note, I've got this considerably big bruise and thing is, aren't bruises supposed to be like, what blue-black-purplish..? Why's this one PINKISH RED? Heh, it still kinda makes sense, it's a freaking bruise. And it's on my kneeeeee! Now it hurts everytime I kneel. Least you don't have a red bruise, Rex.


GOSH WHAT IS UP WITH MY UNIFI?! My Rockmelt keeps connecting and disconnecting! Now I gotta wait, wait, WAAAAIT for my Rockmelt to connect back again for me to upload another photo or/and post this random post. 

I checked out my blog today and MAN MY BACKGROUND SURE IS WHITE. I desperately need to change my layout and design! My current layout and blog design is desperately pathetic! Still trying to find Blogger templates, though the ones being offered on Blogger is just...LAME. 

Went for Awards Night dance practice today. I ACTUALLY went for the auditions for the contemporary-ballet dance performance thingy :O And I've not danced in what, a gazillion years. And I don't recall being good at it. I learned two things today. Wait, more like I was reminded of two HORRIBLE things today. One, I am probably the blur-est person out there when it comes to dancing. Like, the ultimate ding dong when it comes to coordinating my hands and feet. Second, for a girl and yknow the presumption..(whaddoyoucall it..the stereotypical idea of a girl being all graceful and ladylike and whatnot)....I'M A DOWNRIGHT STIFF AND SO NOT GRACEFUL. URGH.

So conclusion of the day and one more life lesson for me. STAY.AWAY.FROM.DANCING.FOREVER.

Firstly,the only reason why I wanted to go for the tryouts was because, well, compared to singing, least dancing's a form of exercise..and knowing how lazy I can be to even move from my sofa, least it'll do me some good. EPIC. FAIL. I, honestly, regret going to try out. LOL. Made a complete fool outta myself. But it's okay, you gotta have a thicker skin to make it in life. Let's just hope the others don't remember how horribly I danced and how I screwed up. Let's not remind them about that either. Heheheh.

Anyway, somehow I made it for the second audition and you may say, "Aww, Rach, see? You made it for the callbacks. You shouldn't be THAT bad." Trust me, I'm THAT bad. I prolly made it in for the second audition 'cos I've a ballet background. Heh. It's like, everyone's pointing on their right leg/foot and I'm like doing the exact opposite, I'm one beat slower than everyone else and the twirls and whatnots..ohmygosh! 

On another higher random note, I want a personalised name necklace!
It's pretty pricey though. I've never spent $100 over on a necklace! :/ Sighs.


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