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Rant of the day.
Sunday, November 13, 2011 | 8:25 PM | 2 Kawaii ?

I've decided to do a Kpop rant for today's post. 

1) Recently, there have been many international pop groups copying Kpop concepts. The most controversial one being Taiwan's Super 7 imitating Girls Generation. What more with the recent dissing of Girls Generation by Super 7, SONES ( name given for Girls Generation fans) are really upset at the whole thing and the fact that Super 7 still has the nerve to insult Girls Generation even though they're the ones imitating them. 

Super 7. (Not super at all, to me.)

The real deal. 

My opinion: 

             Well, to me, if bands want to be famous, they should have their own identities. Seriously if you're copying another well-established and well known group, what makes you think you'll get fans  by copying them? Of course bona fide fans would DEFINITELY choose the original one. And to me, by copying someone else's idea and concept is just showing that you have no originality. Just because that concept is working great for that group and has earned them a lot of fame, doesn't mean you should copy them. If you think copying another group is gonna get you attention, I'd say all you're gonna get is negative attention. Maybe a lawsuit for plagiarism and not to mention being cussed at by fans of the original group. Not exactly the kind of image you want people to have of you when you're just a rookie group. I'd never do something like that, it's not exactly helping my future as a debut artiste. I don't agree with bands using their bodies to gain fame instead of talents. Apparently Super 7's concept revolves around an average age of 22 years old and a "C" cup chest size. 

I quote Super 7 (source: ningin.com) :

Super 7 performing Hoot at the Golden Awards (or something.) 

"We also feel that criticism is another form of interest, and are able to better deal with negative comments. There are a few SNSD members that can sing and dance well, but the rest of the members have no special appeals. The SNSD girls have all undergone plastic surgery, but we are natural beauties and their bodies can’t even compare to ours."

Spot the difference..? 

Candy Mafia, apparently a copycat of 2ne1. I think there's also that 4minute essence in their concept too.

What do YOU GUYS think? 

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