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Sunday, November 13, 2011 | 4:46 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

HELLO! What a suitable title for this post, don't you think? :p I know I've promised to do a review on the BB creams that I have but I'm having a breakout now (unfortunately, thanks to finals and stress) SO..I'll do posts on other products. For this post, I'll just do a quick update on the first half of November! (: 


 IT'S FINALLY OVER!! Exam season has ended for me and I've already received my results too. You may say it's great and what not but honestly, I'm not all that happy with it. I've got 3A+s and 2As, not exactly straight As if you count the pluses but ah let's just say I got straight As. To be brutally honest, I could've done better for Add Math and Bio and Chem. I got 96% for Bio, which is pretty good I think..? Highest mark I've achieved so far for 2011, since I got 25/25 for the objective questions. Not trying to brag and all, but now that I've gotten 25/25 for objective, I'm actually quite surprised at how I performed for Bio. The fact that I was four marks away from a 100 is like..FRUSTRATING since I realised that I could've easily answered them and still I got them wrong. HEH. Just a few SIMPLE questions drew me away from my 100%! So annoying. And now, I'm quite scared actually. I've done this well in the past few exams, gotten straight As and all..I'm a bit worried for my next year's papers. It's like my past results have already set a standard and it's like...PRESSURE! And I'm just overjoyed this studying-for-exams period has ended..for now..I've been studying really harda for the past few days and was so stressed and all. Even started doing Add Math workings in my sleep! 

I'm already starting to show signs that I'm really stressed. -_- Breakouts and all. UUGGHH. Three cheers for temporary exam freedom.

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