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Sunday, October 9, 2011 | 6:14 AM | 2 Kawaii ?

Yes. I'm random. 
Before BornPretty Store sent me the nail stickers, Hazelle from Nail de Royale contacted me, asking if I could link them on my blog and that she'd be happy to mail me a few nail art products from their site. 
I've linked the store..as you can see on my sidebar..do check them out (:
Here's the direct link to the website:
Basically, Hazelle sent me four products: Isis yellow hearts and green stars for nail art, a bright fluorescent orange crackle nail polish, and a deep, dark burgundy-maroon-ish red striping polish.

But today, for my design I'm only using:
1) Isis yellow stars for nail art
2)Burgundy red striping polish 

                                      A close up of the hearts: 

FYI, I bought the Anne & Florio polish myself when I was on holiday in Bangkok. It wasn't sent to me by Nail de Royale. Just thought the hearts would look pretty sweet with the light glitter pink polish (:

What I used for the simple pink glitter polish with yellow hearts. (:

Honestly, I'm still very much a beginner in nail art so I had no idea what to do with a striper brush/polish. I also saw a blogger doing a zebra-ish design with the same Omega striper brush so I decided to give it a try and I'm quite satisfied at how it turned out. I wanted to link the original blogger who inspired (any other way of putting it..? ) me to do this design. Still trying out more designs with the striper brush. I also did a pink french manicure with the striper brush and I loved how it contrasted with the lighter pink as the base. However and unfortunately, I wiped it off before I could snap a picture or two. 

I've also used the Anne & Florio/ Floria..? nail polish as the base for this manicure too. Think it contrasted really nicely, especially as a glitter base. :) Oh. One more thing I'm really impressed about the consistency of the striper brush. I like thin nail polishes and especially for french manicures, the tips have to be as thin as the base and I certainly didnt have any problem with that when I was using the striper brush. o I'm very satisfied with that :)) 

Thanks again Hazelle for sending me these lovely products! (:

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