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I've got mail! (:
Sunday, October 9, 2011 | 5:25 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Heyyo! So I know I've been very busy lately (still am. heheh) and I just realised I've started most of my posts with an intro like this and this just goes to show how sorry I am for not being able to post much. 

ANYWAY, Amanda from BornPretty store graciously and generously offered to send me a product from their online store to review and so I picked item #444 if I'm not mistaken..the nail art stickers! (: (10 x Flower 3D Nail Art Tips Decals Stickers Manicure). Here's the link to the item (s): http://www.bornprettystore.com/flower-nail-tips-decals-stickers-manicure-p-444.html

I'm absolutely in love with them 'cos they're just so pretty! (: Can't wait to use them though I'm trying to save them for a longer holiday so they can stay on my nails for a longer period of time without me having to wipe them off for school..which is, a total bummer. Hopefully, I'll be able to paint my nails soon and I'll definitely use these stickers! My only problem is..not knowing which design to start with. Heheh. So stay tuned. I'll upload the designs once I'm done. (;

Meanwhile, here are the pictures of the stickers Amanda sent me:

 See? What a nice company this is. They even reward you for writing a review about them! (: 

Thanks again to Amanda from BornPretty Store! Oh and by the way, she also made me a special coupon so I'll post the details up once I've got everything sorted out. (: 

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