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Friday, October 28, 2011 | 9:50 PM | 2 Kawaii ?

Hello! (: Just a quick update on my week. Currently having my finals now and I should really be studying for my Bio test this Monday :/ Just can't be bothered to. Procrastination is the thief of time. Sure. :P Went on a school trip yesterday..for Children's Day, although I've no idea when children's day is. The real one. Can't be bothered to google it either. After so many years of not celebrating it, I've kinda lost count and it's not much of a big deal anyway.

Went to Seremban, the capital of the Negeri Sembilan state. Took about 1.5 hours to reach our destination from school. Had to be the group leader. Again. Was freezing cold in the bus. -_- The juniors kept interrupting my sleep. And I woke up like what, 6.30 in the morning for me to be able to reach school by 7.15 am. And yes, I was feeling lethargic and the air con blasting at me tempted me. Attempt after attempt, I finally gave up trying to sleep. 

Didn't drink the Roselle ( a flower kindaaa like a rose. AHH GOOGLE IT.) welcome drink. Didn't think it was hygenic and I wasn't gonna take the risk of having food poisoning and dysentery so I took a pass. Sat through the itenary briefing and what not then waited for the other groups to head out with their activities. Group 1 & 2 ( Mine was group 1) went for paintball target shooting. Was pretty amazed at myself for being able to shoot all the pellets straight at the bullseye target thingy. Thought I was a retard at aiming. Guess not. And in less than 2 minutes, I had used up all my 20 paintball pellets. Yes. TWENTY ONLY.  

Sprayed myself with mosquito repellent THRICE and stuck the mosquito repellent patch on my shirt :P I'm sorry but if I ever donate blood, I'd donate to save a life, not help some flying pest survive. Used William's repellent first. Somehow it reeked, as in, it wasn't supposed to smell like that. So I went to wash it off. Don't know why it smelled like that. It wasn't expired or anything. SOO..I used Ms Josie's spray. And we headed out to the "farm". I'd call it a plantation instead. Cos it was more of starfruit, passionfruit and rambutan trees, a buncha herb bushes and roselle plants and maybe ONE PONY, THREE DUCKS AND A GOOSE AND A CAGE FULL OF "WILD" MONKEYS. SURE. WOW. THAT'S..REALLY A FARM. And we were aaall walking under the scorching heat. I never ever want to visit another farm here, in the humid heat of Southeast Asia. Asian farms shouldn't be tourist spots. -_- Because the only things we can rear in farms in here are what, goats and cows and a couple of dogs? As if people have never seen cows. 

After that, we did some ceramics work while another group made Roselle jam. Designed and decorated our clay pencil holders. Yes, pencil holders wow. However I was REALLY REALLY impressed with the juniors' creativity. Someone made like, a plesiosaur or something, the dino with flippers :P I looked at their creation and I looked at mine. I feel..like some creativity deprived person. I went with the ultra-boring, stereotypical girly theme. FLOWERS. Yes, I'm disappointed in myself. 

  YES. A JUNIOR MADE THIS. LOOKS SO PROFESSIONALLY DONE :O And making it is harder than it looks.
OH THERE'S MINE. THE SECOND ONE. *face palm* I'm..speechless.


 Seremban Museum. Check out the Minangkabau (the tribe/ethnic group originating from Indonesia) architecture. 

 Kelapa Sawit. Palm tree plantations. You know.. palm oil. 
 Was sitting alone in the bus on the way home. So my camera socialised with the view outside (;

Roselle Jam Making. Yes that's roselle in the black bucket thingy and I think they blended it and then cooked it..? Roselle's good for diabetes and high fever. 

*Some pictures taken from Jade. Credits to Jade. Some are from my camera, some are from her album. Heh. *

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