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Monday, September 19, 2011 | 2:59 AM | 1 Kawaii ?

HELLO AGAIN! So, I was going through my blog's stats and I realised that most of the posts that people read are K-pop related. The most popular one is about Kpop Fashion. 

So, just to make a quick note, I'll be doing more Korean/K-pop inspired posts from now on! (: Most of the products I use are Korean too so most of my reviews would be leaning towards Asian brands. 

My sister won three Picture Polishes from a giveaway! Yayhs. I'll do a swatch and review soon, when I'm free. She chose Marine, Berry Nice (I think that was it's name :/) and Coral. 

Super psyched for Castle season FOUR! :D YAYYY. Though I'm like, super bummed about how long it's gonna take to air it here in Malaysia but OH WELL. I'll just watch it on YouTube or something :))
Packed with school work now, so gotta go.. :P Gonna have monthly exams soon so I'm seriously trying to prepare in advance. I've done too much last minute cramming! (Though, strangely enough, cramming works well for me) Anyway..

BYEE. (:

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