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Soap & Glory Hand Food Cream [Review]
Sunday, September 11, 2011 | 12:56 AM | 1 Kawaii ?

Now some of you may know I've had a pretty bad experience with Soap & Glory. Well, you can't really call it "pretty bad" but it WAS pretty bad for me. I loved their Peach Body Butter but the Soap & Glory Lip Plumpers were just..horrible. I've never had any plumping lip glosses before so the Soap & Glory Lip Plumper Set was the first for me.. (and now, I'm pretty sure it'll be my first AND last). The tingly feeling left me so freaked out. Here's the review I wrote about it if you've not read it. 


Anyway, I went to Bangkok again (Yes, we finally have Soap & Glory in Malaysia now thanks to Sephora but somehow I prefer buying products in Bangkok. Maybe it's the good service there.) and went to Boots (WHY CAN'T WE HAVE BOOTS IN M'SIA,HMM?) and got myself a mini-sized Hand Food cream. I bought the mini-sized one, decided not to take any chances and well, after doing a quick test with the tester, I chose to buy it. It cost me 120 Baht, which is about RM 12. 

Pros: Smells really nice. (: Doesn't make your hands oily! That's probably the best feature about it. Makes my hands soft and smooth YET things don't slip off my hands after using this. I hate it when I use hand creams and  I can't seem to grip and hold my pencil without it slipping off my fingers and making a mess of my handwriting. (Yes, it's possible and it happens to me :P )  So yeah, that feature makes this cream a keeper. With this, I can use it in school, between classes. You know how the air-conditioning is practically a drying machine. My mom's been telling me how rough my hands are so..yeah. I'm glad I bought this really, something that I DO and WILL use. :P 

Cons: Well, I don't have much against this cream. Although the smell does stay on for very long. The fragrance lasts for HOURS. And for someone like me, who gets annoyed easily with strong smelling objects (lol), the smell bugs me..sometimes..especially when it's really hot. I don't mind using the cream and smelling it in an air-conditioned room and normally I use this in school but when I come home, I seldom turn on the air-cond (and the smell of the cream is still on my hands) and the dreadful humid heat of Southeast Asia just makes the smell worse. The smell lasts for HOURS. I repeat. That's..pretty much the only thing I don't really like. HOWEVER, if you ask me, I'd buy this again. Unless..I find some other product that has a nicer-smelling, not-so-lasting fragrance. And yes, I'm picky with my scents. Teehee. But that could be just me. My friend (who's a guy) tried it on and described it as a peachy-strawberry-perfumey-scent. And he pretty much liked the cream really, besides being called gay for smelling so good. Heheh. :) Credits to Matt for being my..wait, he tried it on himself. Ohwell.


*Reading this off the product*

-The most astonishing hand cream ever? YOU DECIDE.
-Non-greasy hand cream with shea butter, macadamia oil, and marshmallow.

-Apply Hand Food Hand Cream as often as you want to soften, smooth and soothe dry, chapped or otherwise hampered hands.

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