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Hello again! (:
Friday, August 5, 2011 | 8:12 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

Hello again! (I've yet to find a suitable title for this post. heh.) 

I've decided to add in some photos of myself so I'm making this more of a personal post. I've realised that most of my posts aren't really that..personalized in the way that I rarely or rather, have never uploaded any pictures of my daily life so here's a little " get-to-know-me" through pictures. 

I'm dedicating this post to my friends. 

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one." 
 C.S. Lewis

 #Kimmieee (: the-smart-one (; YOURE TAGGED! 
 #Teng Foong. *pokes* best friend/ brother (: the-blur-one. hahah.
 #Victoria. The entertained-by-my-weirdness-one. (Doesn't make sense but yeah. :D )
 # Oxygen. The class (:
 #Jeanne. Jean. The best friend. (: Who ditched me. RAWR. :P
 #Jeanne. And her locker. 
 #Jeanne. The one I miss the most. :)
 #Andrea, Jeanne, Debra. From left: Tree hugger, best friend, my twin. (:
 # LASERTAGGING! (: My birthday outing (: Boys vs Girls for this round. 

 # Matthias, Elise, Elena, Abbie, Mun Xin, Jeanne. Love you guys heaps. 
 #Debra. My dear twin (: Yes we do not look alike but I've been mistakenly called Debra by teachers and well, the same happened to her. So, as the term 'twins' evolved. :P 

#The besties. Abbie You. (quite a mouthful eh? And no, that's not her real surname) Jeanne (whose fullname shall not be revealed (; )

Thanks for paying for my dinner! (: You guys are so sweet. 

Well, honestly I am nowhere near satisfied with my hair in the photos. Call me vain or self-concious but I think my hair is annoyingly flat. So maybe I should've blow dried it before I went out that day. :/ Ah, still, who cares. Thanks for the memories guys.

In memory of , (NO THEY'RE NOT DEAD.)
-Matthias Moo. Though you've moved away, I still remember chasing you around class for teasing me and calling you Snow White because you're so fair. Good times, good times. Hope to see you soon.
-Jeanne Beanie. YOU. YOU! GRR. DITCHED ME. FFK ME. (Fong fei kei. It's cantonese I think, for ditching me) Anyway, had a blast skyping with you yesterday. Kinda forgot your face. Jokes. 
-Abigail You. Hahah, my little retard. You've made my life..weirder. Thanks. I would've been utterly dull without you. The first friend I made in high school, when I made the first move by asking to borrow your pen. HAHAH. 

" Yes, though we're in a gazillion places, torn apart, all the memories that joined us together, will always live in my heart. Well, unless I suddenly get amnesia then well, you can remind me then."

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