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[Fashion] Korean Airport Fashion
Saturday, August 27, 2011 | 6:53 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Do you have problems choosing what to wear when going to the airport? I know I do. I'll always plan to wear something comfortable, yet stylish at the same time and I would be staring at my closet for SUCH A LONG TIME, trying to match my clothes. Anyway, many Korean celebs have been credited for their fashionable airport outfits. Let's have a look at some of em: 

Korean actress Yoon Eun Hye.
                                    Girls Generation/ So Nyeo Shi Dae. (SNSD)
                                                               T-ARA ( pronounced as 'tiara)

Okay, I don't really agree with some of the outfits. I honestly wouldn't wear some of the clothes they're wearing. HOWEVER, these celebs look simply gorgeous in them anyway. Probably it's because of their stunning looks and the fact that most of them are pretty thin, they're able to carry "the look".Maybe it's because we've been influenced to think that they're picture perfect and seeing them wear something so casual and yet, still manage to look pretty hot..hmmmm. That's not something you normally get with us normal people. Hahah. I really envy them, the fact that they can dress so casually and effortlessly, and look so fashionable. 

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