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Let me introduce youu to: IGNITATION!
Thursday, March 17, 2011 | 1:27 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Rach here again (; Today, let me introduce you to *drumrolls*:

'everyone is beautiful.you just need that extra boost to shine.compilation of secondhand materials for sale. note, preloved NOT unloved ;D'

This blogshop, run by my friends Jeanne & Su Ann, offers outfits from many retail shops like Forever 21, Topshop, Cotton On, and so on. The prices are quite reasonable and there's even free delivery for those living near Plaza Mont Kiara.
Soooo, Ignitation. Whazzat?
Ignitation is a brand new baby in the blogshop market and thus, is only able to reach customers living in KL-Dsara- Mont Kiara area. Hopefully, they'll be nationwide and international soon. Do check out their blogshop asap! (: They may even design their own tees (hopefully) and I'm hoping to be able to host their giveaway here (if they ever have one. HEHE) so fingers crossed! *Jeanne, if you're reading this. ahemahem*

Take note:
{ ignitation. is. based. in. kuala. lumpur. } {internationally.closed. for. the. moment.} (:

Here are some of the clothes currently on sale: [sneakie peekie]

Wanna know more? Head down to their blogshop now!              
                     Preloved not Unloved

facebook.page: Preloved not Unloved
email: ignitation@hotmail.com

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