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Etude House's Petit Bijou Peach Touch Allover Spray Review
Friday, March 18, 2011 | 10:11 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

I bought this last Christmas in a Bangkok sale. Bought it for about 450 Baht if I'm not mistaken. Here are the deets on this product.

An allover spray, basically multipurpose fragrance. Among some of the ways of using this allover spray are applying as body and hair spray (as perfume) or in rooms as an air freshener.

  • The sweet, light smell of peach and flowers. Not too strong.
  • Cute packaging
  • Multipurpose spray.
  • It would be cheaper. I got it for abour RM45. Not exactly sure what the actual price was. Foolish act of not asking what the earlier price was, heh. RM45,reasonable but it'd be awesome-r if it were cheaper. Honestly,I wouldn't have bought it if there was no discount since it's more of a want rather than a need.
  • Unlike many other perfumes,the spray-spout-part/nozzle of this Petit Bijou Peach Touch is more of the nozzle of the plant watering spray. (If you get what I mean) However, the biggest problem I have/used to have and occasionally have with this spray is that it's quite hard to control how much perfume squirts out. Thankfully, I've solved this problem by pressing the nozzle thingy really slowly so it comes out as mist instead of a 'squirt'. (thus the used to and occasionally have part. HEHEH) So that's basically the only problem I've with this allover spray.

Overall: I'm satisified with this purchase. No regrets :D I seriously HATE perfumes that go right up your nose and stings and thankfully, this peach touch allover spray is nothing like them. I rate this.. 4/5 (; This would make a great gift too! It's young, light and too cute. me loves this :)


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