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Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker 3 Lip Plumping Colours [Review]
Saturday, January 15, 2011 | 12:24 AM | 3 Kawaii ?

(SORRY about the pictures above. Blogger really messed up my pictures. They were horizontal when I uploaded them and now they're vertical. Sigh)

This 3 Lip Plumping colours set includes three shades:
  • Sexy Motherpucker Lip Plumping Colour Nude
  • Sexy Motherpucker Lip Plumping Colour Super St1rry
  • Sexy Motherpucker Lip Plumping Colour What A Melon
Description (As on the box):
Sexy Motherpucker's new powerfill technology formula can fool your lips into looking and feeling fuller, without plastic surgery.

I personally bought this because of the packaging AND the colours of the lip colours. I really like these shades and you know I just can't resist lip glosses. Especially glossy glossy ones. Heehee. Anyway, the first time I applied these lip glosses, I was really freaked out. It smells like cocoa butter/vanilla and I was really glad I bought these lip colours but after awhile, my lips felt like they were "burning". I thought it was just me but apparently my sister felt that sensation too.  I've tried a Soap 'n' Glory product before-the Body Butter( Can't remember the exact name but it had a light blue package and peach coloured body butter and it's one of my favourite products although I'm not sure whether they still produce that or not. I bought it in Boots Bangkok but when I went back to BKK in Dec 2010,  I couldn't find it anymore. ) I thought the product was faulty or something!

Anyway after a few tries with the lip glosses (I forced myself to use them since I didn't want to waste my $$) and countless re-readings of the box, I realised something. That burning/minty/cool feeling is supposed to happen! It says on the box that it's supposed to fool your lips into looking and feeling fuller without the need of plastic surgery. I tried the lippies again and my lips DO feel fuller and it somehow "makes your brain think that you've got full, lucious and delicious lips."

To me, that's just freaky. I didn't expect to have that 'after-feel' when I tested the colours on my hand. You'll only feel it a few seconds after you've applied the gloss on your lips. I thought the 'burning' sensation would go away later on but it stays there! Another thing I'm not comfortable with is that waxy feel to it. My fingers accidentally smeared the lip colour and it felt quite plastic-y and waxy.

I don't think this product is worth it. I paid about 720 Baht for it. The burning feeling trying to fool your mind into thinking and making your lips feel fuller, is a mixture of pure genius and sneakiness. Plus, I'm not a big fan of waxy products. The way these lip colours work, it feels almost like your lips are numb. Furthermore, I don't exactly like the smell. Cocoa butter and vanilla, not exactly my favourite scent. I prefer lighter scents like berries and such. Vanilla, cocoa butter, it's too 'heavy' for me. The only things I like about this product now that I've tried it, are the colours/shades of the lippies and the packaging, Soap & Glory's trademark.

Worth it? No. Not for me.

*I'll do a lip swatch with these colours soon. I took a few photos already beforehand but after I transferred them to the computer they were quite blur so I'll upload and do another post later on*

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