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*Overdued HAUL*
Friday, January 28, 2011 | 7:29 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

Sorry I've been really occupied for the past few weeks, trying to settle down, sort and organize everything out for the new year. And so, this is a seriously overdued post that I so wanted to publish last DECEMBER (*cough*) but wasn't able to do so. Right so let's get a move on with this post!

Spent my Christmas in Bangkok. (: Bought this babies. I also bought Soap 'n' Glory's Motherpucker Lip Colours Set and I've reviewed it. You can either read this post here:

OR my guest post at COBG.


I've once told you about my love for Prorance Nail Polish so I made sure I grabbed a few more bottles when I went back to Bangkok. I've also done a review of the first Prorance Nail Polish that I bought. http://cookiedoughpineapplehearts.blogspot.com/2010/11/prorance-international-manicure.html

 I absolutely love this shade. It's more of a pinkish dark nude to me ._. Bought the 17 Nail Xtra Top Coat Double Gloss 'cos I was out of nail top coats :|

´╗┐Immediately grabbed this duo for my french mani set. Very satisfied with the consistency of the polish. My old white polish (which I threw away the minute I bought these two) had a very thick gloopy consistency. BLECH. I had to redo my nails over and over again to have an 80% satsfaction with my manicure.. without having my white tips majorly screwed up.
Prorance #104
 Prorance #805
Prorance #207

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