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Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 | 3:06 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

It's 2011, gosh, how fast time passes by! Chinese New Year is just a couple of days away too. Here is a review on my all time favorite gel liner. Presenting you, one of the holy grails of all gel eyeliners ever made, Bobbi Brown Long-wear Gel Eyeliner!

BE WARNED! For one, I'm biasedly in love with this product and two,it is a nearly flawless product!

PS: I drew them so thick because I was trying out a look for my school performance :) They work perfect for really natural thin lines too.

Trust me when I say it. I'm very picky when it comes to things I truly love and need. And if you're a newbie to gel liners or makeup in the general, this is definitely a must have. A gel liner is smoother on application and less harsh on the skin compared to kohl and pencil liners but not as hard to control as liquid liners.

Pricewise, it is quite expensive and may put a dent in your pocket if you're big on thickly lined eyes and very frequently wear makeup. Even so, I always compromise with other stuff and splurge on this product as it is but worth every penny. (RM 75 in stores, nett price)

It is a pretty creamy and soft formula. It seriously is long wear as it claims to be and stays put all day long. My god, in our tropical weather, you would think it is nearly impossible especially if you're outdoorsy but HONESTLY, it doesn't really smudge once it completely dries up. I never leave home for an extended trip without this product. Since it is so creamy and soft, it is so easy to apply. Not dry and rough like certain liners and perfect for eyeliner noobs.

But don't be an idiot, all eyeliners smudge to an extent. We tear, something gets in our eye, yawn, rofl and etc. etc. However, I really do have to compliment it on how it rarely smudges. Personally, I wear circle lens, colour contacts and normal lens and sometimes I get really irritated and forget I'm wearing makeup and rub my eyes somewhat. But to my surprise, 98% of the time it doesn't even smudge. Fucking incredible or what!

Colourwise, there are quite a few colour choices. Bobbi Brown is especially famed for its gel eyeliners and have since produced many colours with this formula. They have 13 colours in this line of product which considered a lot since most brands only produce the standard black and brown. The only downside is the colour choices can be a bit boring and is more on the natural side and not exactly fun, playful, creative colours.

Personally, I own Black Ink (1) which is a jet black and Sepia Ink (2) which is a very rich brown colour and is kind of tempted to get Espresso Ink (3) which is blackish brown colour. If you're like me a lover of the colour black, the more the reason to get this. The Black Ink (1) is truly a jet black with all its noir glory.

Price : 3/5 (Expensive! But it is worth it so a three it is!)
Longwearness : 4.99999999/5 (Come on, realistically, no liner is gonna be that long wearing unless it is tattooed on.)
Ease of application : 5/5 (Provided you have some skill and a proper gel liner brush.)
Colour : 4.5/5 (I would give a 5 for naturalness but -0.5 'cause I would have loved a neon turqoise colour which they don't carry.)

OVERALL : 17.5/20


Thank you for reading! :3

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