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Your New Year Resolution problem RESOLVED! (:
Wednesday, December 29, 2010 | 7:30 PM | 0 Kawaii ?


La dee da. Now, as the year 2010 is drawing to a close and I'm sure many of the readers here are wracking your heads trying to come up with a couple of new year resolutions to answer the people who will, in the future, ask them. Well, here is the answer to this problem. An answer, AND a challenge. It's not the easiest new year resolution you can find but it sure beats surfing Google for commonly used new year resolutions to WOW your relatives.

I CHALLENGE you, and myself, to practice 365 Days Of Love. Although it was JM's 2010 resolution, I'm sure it can be carried on and on for many years to come. Have you been..

Then this resolution is what you need. Not the kind that donates to charity often? Not the kind that can find time off to visit the orphanage? Too busy to help out at the senior center? Just reach out your hand to a random person you see on the street or even someone you know, just ONE act of kindness a day will do. Sure beats the pressure in losing weight,eh? Never thought you could be one step closer to being like Mother Theresa? (Hheheh. I just had to.)

Its the heart that counts and let's do our best to love others the same way we would desire to be loved…. lets keep spreading the love friends…. because to live is to love.

JUST ONE ACT OF KINDNESS A DAY, it can go a long way. I hope this inspires you, and I hope you'll inspire others to spread the love. You can do simple things like helping the old lady cross the road, help your neighbour take care of his pet while he's away on holiday, or even encourage your colleague when she/he's in time of need,etc.

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