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Sunday, December 19, 2010 | 5:46 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Sorry, for the recent MIA occasions. Heh. I've been very busy from the HK return trip right up to now. So forgive me.

I shall do points:

  • I bought new heels yesterday! Andre Valentino, if I'm not mistaken. Really love Valentino shoes cos they're ultra pretty yet comforable. So they don't kill yer feet.

  • Secondly, I attended my friend Jeanne's SURPRISE Birthday Bash at Italiannies, Gardens. Same venue as last year -_-" I ate dinner at home so I came to the birthday gathering feeling quite full. Honestly, I'd say the only thing that catches my tastebuds there are the starter/appetizer bread thingy that they serve with olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping.

  • Thirdly, I am now painting my nails with that shimmer nude Skin Food polish for the future swatch I mentioned earlier.

  • Fourthly (?) I went to Guardians..or was it Watsons.. earlier and I swatched a few Sally Hansen and Revlon polishes. ALTHOUGH I KINDA FORGOT to jot down the names/identification number etc. EHEHHEH. I'll try to look out for it when I visit Guardians again

  • Fifthly, I now regret that I didn't manage to grab the O.P.I Little Charmers-Princess. GOSH. It was about HKD 195. I think and GOSH. The colours in the set were all so pretty and sweet D; REGRET REGRET REGRET!

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