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Girls Generation.
Thursday, December 2, 2010 | 3:12 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

I absolutely LOVE their legs D: *envious* *sits in a corner and cry* They've got by far the prettiest legs in among the Kpop Girl Groups.

Especially like this picture. See why I like Girls Generation soo much? (:

Gee. (One of their songs)

Love their really cute and fresh outfits. One of the reasons why I LOVE Girls Generation. Yes, I'm just another crazy fangirl. But based on the photos, don't you think they're worth it? Especially the clothes they wear. Geez, they model, they sing, they dance, they act, they voice act, what else can they NOT do?
Do check their MVs out on YouTube. Their songs are really catchy too and right now, they're taking the world by storm. SONEs, the name for their fans, are dominating the world, in millions and probably billions and Girls Generation, yes, in my opinion, probably can beat Wonder Girls by popularity any day. Yes, check them out. They're sweet, pretty and I'm doing a little promotion now. Forgive me. HAHAH. At least check them out for the clothes they wear. Super cute and prettay.
*By the way, KPOP stands for KOREAN POP*

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