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Another Revlon nail polish post :*
Friday, December 31, 2010 | 8:23 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

Hello everybody! :)

I'm the very rare guestblogger, Vee, and well, today it will be yet another post on Revlon's nail polish in #919 Black Lingerie.

Yeah, it is that cool that we have to do it twice.

It is much affordable compared to OPI, leaves hardly any brush marks unlike The Face Shop's and the it is not the super thick gooey sort that is so hard to apply. It is pretty liquidy and in my honest opinion, helps in application for nail varnish noobs like me. It doesn't chip and mark easily which is a huge advatange :)

Totally worth the 20 bucks. Plus, there is also sales happening in selected Watsons outlets that has a buy 1 free 1 offer.

And also this 2 tone nail polish design I came up with in regards that dark noir nails are now very common, using this very same nail polish.

I first paint my original nail all over with a base coat followed by a pale pink polish, leave it to dry for about 15 minutes. After that, I cut small pieces of cellotape and stick it across the nail then paint the tips with black polish. I leave it to dry before taking the tape out. The tape is to create the perfect straight line. Use cotton buds dipped in nail polish remover to wipe off any dark nail polish that may have seeped underneath the tape.

Email us if you want a proper tutorial :D

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