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Staedtler Triplus Colour Pens
Monday, November 22, 2010 | 3:36 AM | 4 Kawaii ?

Today I'll be reviewing Staedtler's Triplus Color. My aunt bought this for me a few years ago as I scored good results in a national exam. Straight As yo :p
One thing about stationery, in my opinion, is that different companies have different good products..as in..like Faber Castel has great colour pencils and Staedtler has awesome pens and pencils like the Triplus Color and Pentel has really nice Hi-Polymer erasers. So, for coloured pens/magic inked pens-Staedtler's the one for you.

This triplus color has a thicker tip compared to the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner. The colours really stand out and you can see that it's of high quality. It's quite pricey tho. It's about RM30-50 for a set. I bought another set in Bangkok for about 450 baht if I'm not mistaken. About that price.

I prefer the Triplus Color from the Fineliner as it's thicker. The Fineliner's really fine(lol) and thin. The colors in this set is very bright which is great news for people who have lotsa school projects and posters to do. I, being, a poster/art maniac, feel this is the ideal tool for me.

You can even fold the cover/box to make it stand! It's uber cool.

Bad points: I don't really like the fact that after a few years of use/frequent use, the tip gets a lil soft. However, when it's softer, the product/drawing/line will be thicker. When the tip is hard,as in brand new, it'll produce a thinner line.

Worth the $$? Definitely. Yes. Yes. Yes. I was given the first set for free as a gift and it was so good that I bought another set in Bangkok (they had a Staedtler sale) and my sister bought this AND the Fineliner. I have both the Triplus colour and the Triplus Fineliner previously as the triplus was a gift(like I said) and the Fineliner was my cousin's but she passed away (Sadly.) so it was handed to me.

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