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Sapphire Blue
Monday, November 15, 2010 | 12:30 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Sapphire Blue. Pineapple Tarts. Cookie Dough.

Heyh guys. I'm trying this out so I hope you'll support this blog too! (: I plan to use this mostly for reviews,etc. Like I've mentioned in the other blog, thelifeandtimes..(etc) I am now open for product testing/reviews..like a guinea pig. Nonono. Well. You get the point.

Giveaways,at the moment, are closed since I've not been asked to host any YET. So if you want me to host a giveaway for you, contact me. Heehee. Unless I'm too busy or something,then no.

If you want me to review/test your products/ promote your products, feel free to let me know. I LOVE free samples (HEEEHEE.) and to that in return, I'll write you a good and helpful review.

I can review anything from accessories to shoes to bags to clothes to make up to books to all things Korean to stationery to..gah. You name it. (; I hope I'll do a good job doing it and since these few days I'm quite free, I suggest you take this time to grab hold of me and make me type. *grins*

You can contact me @
cookiedoughpineapplehearts at gmail dot com
*So far no twitter for this blog ( too many accounts to handle! ) So I'll be using my own Twitter acc.*

Still, you'd better email me via the above email. Or leave a comment. THANKYEW.


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