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Prorance International Manicure.
Thursday, November 18, 2010 | 6:50 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

Oop. The pictures are really small. Gah. I used my iTouch to take those photos as my camera wasn't working. I'll try uploading clearer pictures later on.

Right. So this is my FIRST nail polish review and this particular nail polish is from my own nail polish collection at home. I bought this while I was on holiday in Bangkok.

I remember buying it at Central World in Bangkok- highest floor, inside the supermarket.

I absolutely ADORE this colour and I simply HAD TO BUY IT. I loved it so much so that I actually bought three of this colour. One for my cousin and another spare for me ( in case I ran out of this polish).


If I'm not mistaken, Prorance is a Korean brand and they offer 700 over items and specialize in cosmetics. Their products are now sold in over 20 countries around the world.


I've never heard of this brand previously and based on my research, it's quite hard to get your hands on Prorance products. HOWEVER, I have found a few stores (online and probably normal retail stores) that sells Prorance products in Singapore,Australia, and Thailand. I'm not too sure about Malaysia. I'm sure they do have it in Korea. Heehee. So if you're visiting Korea, make sure you get your hands on one of Prorance's nail polishes.I'm not sure about the other products but to me, based on this nail polish I have, Prorance can be classified under my "AWESOME NAIL POLISHES LIST"

Firstly, I have to say, I like the colour and I'm sure it'll suit just about any skin tone/colour. I am considered quite tanned and many a times, I find myself frustrated when I've found a stunning colour and yet it doesn't suit me. This particular shade, in my opinion, is very flexible as in suitable for tanned, dark and fair skin. I noticed that not many bloggers comment on this issue but I'm writing about this as this is one of the small details I look for when choosing nail colour. You may feel the same way too so I hope I've answered your question about this nail polish. Sometimes it's hard to judge whether or not the colour would suit you as the blogger's skin tone may differ from yours. However, you won't have any problems with this nail varnish.

Secondly, the formula is very smooth and is just about the right consistency. Not too thick, not too diluted either which, is another good point.

Thirdly, the packaging of this 15ml product is simple yet classy. I've seen other bloggers reviewing other Prorance products and to me, their classic and pretty packaging is one of their plus points.

A little bit off topic:

Prorance pearly nail colour (Mine's prorance manicure)
Prorance Pearly Nail Color is a long-lasting and ultra-shiny nail lacquer is favored by professional make-up artists and is perfect for dancers who want to keep their nails looking beautiful and not have to worry about chipping and breaking during rigoro.


- With Prorance, don't expect dissapointment as you won't have any space for it since you'll be filled to capacity with satisfaction (;

- Prorance doesn't have any names for their shades so btw, mine's #209

Good points:

~ cheap (I heard it's about rm9.90 here.Can't remember how much I paid in Bangkok. Sorry)

~Suitable for all skin types

~ Nice consistency of the formula(not too sticky, not too diluted)

~Pretty packaging

~This particular shade= seriously lovely. I really, really, really like this colour.

Bad points

~ Prorance, isn't very famous, so it may be quite hard to get.

(That's the only complain I have,really.)

~ They don't have an official website. I think they DID. But I can't seem to access to it so most likely it closed down.

~ There aren't many reviews about Prorance products so there's a risk when buying their products but now that I've one nail polish from them and judging by my opinion and testing of the product, I say it's safe to buy Prorance products as in, don't worry about the quality. (; It's all good.

Worth the $$?

It's so cheap, you wouldn't have to think twice. And YES. Yes it is worth your money, worth your time trying to find it and worth the time waiting for it to dry on your nails ;D

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