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Plum Shimmer Lip Balm [The Body Shop]
Monday, November 29, 2010 | 5:34 AM | 2 Kawaii ?

Heyyo! Sorry for the two-day hiatus. I was..BUSY. Teehee.
Right, today, I'm going to do a SHORT SHORT review on the Body Shop Shimmer Rich Plum Lip Balm.

Yet again, I managed to get my hands on this because my aunt (same aunt)[SHE AWESOME. ;D] bought this for me again. My cam's outta battery now so can't take my own photo of this lippy so I found an exact picture of this product on Google and YES, the colour you see in that little pot is the exact colour of the lipbalmie. (Will do a swatch of this later on) It's a plummish purple with glitter (aww yeaah)

Review: It's just about the same as the Strawberry Born lippy lipbalm so you can read it in the older posts.
Fresh,sweet and fruity scent that lasts quite long
-convienient( in little pots)
-Since it lasts quite long, one little pot is sufficient to last you a few years, although it ain't really healthy to hold on to make up products after a period of time
-It has a glossy effect
- Gives some colour to your lips
- Since I'm kinda sensitive to chemicals,etc, I'm really glad that this lipbalm didn't make me itch. I've tried other lipglosses and immediately after I remove and wipe them off, I start to itch and it's really annoying. So far, this lipbalm hasn't caused any problems yet.
-YOU CAN GET IT @ The Body Shop stores (anywhere). HOWEVER, I'm not sure whether they still have this considering this is a seasonal product. I'll check the shop soon and update this post.

Still, at the end of the day, this Plum Shimmer Lip Balm has been and will always be one of my favourite lip balms, for a more decorative purpose rather than therapeutic-Vaseline. Yet, I really love the very holiday-ish,seasons greeting,warmth and sweetness to this lip balm. I like this shimmer too, something the Strawberry Born Lippy doesn't have. I'd wear this to parties, as it's light yet somewhat elegant. Yes, this is definitely a keeper.

I'll do a swatch ASAP so you can see how this looks on skin and lips. So stay tuned. (;
If you can get your hands on this, I suggest you grab it ASAP. This lippy is definitely worth it. Once I've gotten my camera up and running, I'll take more photos too. Promise (:


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