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I heart Japan!
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | 9:15 PM | 2 Kawaii ?

I absolutely love all things Japanese! Especially the fashion. I went to UNIQLO the other day ( a clothes shop based on Japanese designs/style). The materials, I have to say, are in tip top quality and although the clothes are made in China-what's not made in China?- there is great quality control in their clothes.

The only thing I'm not happy with is that many of the clothes come in limited sizes. For example, the jeans, the largest size for women is size 26! It's as if the curvy race is discriminated there. I do hope they'll have more variety and will cater for more body shapes in the future. It's so hard to embrace them curves when majority of the clothes in this part of the world cater for the skinny peeps. I also hope more Japanese and Korean fashion outlets will grow and conquer the world-Internationally! (Not just on online stores)

I'm also not keen on the long and lean trend now. What about people with short torsos? I feel uber frustrated when I go out to shop and get clothes and majority of the clothes I find cater for the long and lean body shape. I DO hope that stores will adopt a wider variety of clothes that cater for different types of body shapes..not only the skinny and slim.


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