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Monday, November 15, 2010 | 12:18 AM | 0 Kawaii ?

Heyyo! I thought I'd share something useful for my readers. OKAY. So I know there are a group of people who have SENSITIVE SKIN. And so, many of you can't use normal commercial skin cleansers. So I thought I'd introduce you to: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser.

Most probably you've heard of it but still considering whether to use it or not, here's your answer. I'm currently using it and it is VERY good. Truthfully, it's a non-soap cleanser and can be used everyday. Unlike soaps, it doesnt sting the eyes and doesnt have any fragrance/perfume in it.

My skin is more of the sensitive type so it's safer for me to use this cleanser. Furthermore, you won't get dry skin after using Cetaphil. I've tried other cleansers before, and in my opinion, Cetaphil's the best. I get blotchy and itchy when I use other brands and one day I went to the doctor and he recommended me Cetaphil.

Back then, I only used the cream/moisturizer,which is superbly good. Although it doesn't produce/create foam when you lather up as I've mentioned before that it's a non soap cleanser,after washing, my face feels smoother and CLEANER. I think it does a really good job in eliminating all that oil accumulated on my face after a long day.


Good points: Gentle on skin, doesn't make the skin itch, eliminates oil effectively AND can be used/doubled as a make up remover! So you won't have to worry about harzardous chemicals and allergy. I had a rash once and I couldn't use normal body soap as it made it worse so I used Cetaphil. So you can use it on your whole body too,besides the face.

Bad points: So far, I haven't had any problems with Cetaphil and frankly, I'm really satisfied with it. I've already bought a few bottles of the cleanser and about 2 of the Cetaphil moisturizing cleanser to keep at home.

Worth the $$? Absolutely. Yes. This is my own personal opinion and I'm reviewing this as a product I use personally. Since I've used this for years without any problem, I decide to review this as a kick off start to a new section of my blog. Like I said, I'm happy to review anybody's products so please contact me.
Cheerios for now,

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