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Fashionalize my feet.
Tuesday, November 23, 2010 | 11:19 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

(pic below) LOVE these, HATE the buckles. Irritating and inconvienient. WHY must most heels come with these kinda buckles?! Dang, I miss those days when I was a child and all my shoes had Velcro. LMAO. (;

(above pic)Some of the shoes worn by actresses at the Paeksang Arts Awards II
Diabolically dotted. Me like. (; It's like mini mini pastel coloured smarties tatooed on these flats!

Simplicity at its best. Thinking of getting something like this. :D

A big NO NO for me.

I don't intend to wear or even buy something like this as I've no intention of murdering my feet. Sure, they've been sprained a few times, giving me so much pain, but still, NO.

Fashionalize.Oh yeah. I made that word up. PWNED. (; I sound likah game freak now. Oh well.

There's one thing I love more than earrings..SHUEZ! [SHOES!](And well,make up.Cough)

For me, its no point looking all unique and special if the shoes you wear aren't comfortable (although it stands out from other 'normal' shoes) Yesh, you can tell me how Crocs are freaking comfortable, but for all I know, they don't look good. At all. That's one of my other DO NOT WEAR principles. I for one, will never ever wear Crocs no matter how awesome your feet feels in that nice rubbery shoe. NO. I've heard of people wearing crocs and going on the escalator (children) and getting their feet stuck between (let's not go into detail) KCCCCKCKK. Those incidents have made me stronger in my stand for not wearing Crocs. Although the Hello Kitty collection was cute..but no. Plus, I've walked around and seen people wear illegitimate/pirated/fake crocs so that's another factor that made things worse. Please no. I'll just stick to protecting and ensuring my feet's safety. No hard feelings, Crocs, you're just not my
style. (;

I want shoes that make my feet look pretty not murder em!

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