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The Body Shop's Born Lippy Review
Thursday, November 18, 2010 | 8:01 PM | 0 Kawaii ?

My aunt bought this for me a few years ago (Mine has the older and slightly different packaging)
Description: Natural strawberry extract - Conditions the skin.
Organic beeswax - Moisturizes and helps to condition the hands and dry skin around the nail beds. Acts as a barrier that helps to seal in moisture. Helps to keep product texture consistent, when used over time. Helps protect and preserve the forest as well as providing necessary income for the beekeepers, an increasing number of which are now women.
Lanolin - Is one of nature's richest moisturizers. It is readily absorbed by the skin and so provides good protection for rough, dry hands.
Hmm. I like the fruity strawberry scent of this lipbalm and I think it's really cute that it comes in such a small container( another blogger described it as a little pot).
-Fresh,sweet and fruity scent that lasts quite long
-convienient( in little pots)
-Since it lasts quite long, one little pot is sufficient to last you a few years, although it ain't really healthy to hold on to make up products after a period of time
-It has a glossy effect
- Gives some colour to your lips
- Since I'm kinda sensitive to chemicals,etc, I'm really glad that this lipbalm didn't make me itch. I've tried other lipglosses and immediately after I remove and wipe them off, I start to itch and it's really annoying. So far, this lipbalm hasn't caused any problems yet.
-It's a really cute product and there are other flavours too. I also have the Plum Christmas Lippy one,which is like a glittery plum-purple color which I'll review later on. For Born Lippy, there are flavours like Watermelon, Orange, Mango Peach,etc.
YOU CAN GET IT @ The Body Shop stores (anywhere). So far, in all the Body Shop stores I've entered, I've seen this product being sold. Don't think this is a seasonal product. I'm positive this is one of their permanent products.
If you prefer tangy and a more tropical scent, you can choose mango peach, orange or mandrin. Strawberry and watermelon are more towards the sweet, girly, and summer-scents.

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